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Found 331 results

  1. Well it has to be said, that in my honest opinion......As far as outdoor strains go in britain, Passion No.1 comes top of the list. Obvously others will have their own say in the matter, but if you want big harvests, big plants and no mould.....say no more....a bitch to trim though. Here are a few of my passions from over the years.......feel free to post your pics up too......... these were from 2013 GG And a few from this years GG This last one is a weird little fucker...it basically grew up with red purps and got planted out in a plot with all red purps in it......now is it possible for a plant to take the characteristics from another...just by growing together....i think not, but it doesn't even look like a passion either and is 3 weeks ahead, even though it went out last.....still a beauty. Anyway people feel free to post pics up...would be nice to see what other people are doing with this wonderful strain. Be Lucky Andro
  2. Hey guys... Im on My fifth grow. I'm growing TD,AU and AX from DP. 15 liters square pots. Gold labels special mix soil. Nutes are Gold Labels A and B as Base then I use AN's Big bud and b52 as additives. They are grown under HPS.
  3. Think Different

    From the album iGrow2016

    © iBlazeDaily

  4. This weeks customer blog review may be an interesting one for the outdoor growers. Its a grow of Durban Poison and Frisian Dew in 2014. Full review here http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/news-and-development/frisian-dew-and-durban-poison-outdoor-grow-in-wales/
  5. Kompact & Kushty Micro Grow Setup 1x AutoBlackberry Kush 1x AutoEuforia 2x StarRyder 1x AutoXtreme 90hx60x60 Grow Tent (Limited Height) Fresh Air Intake and CF Exhaust Vipar V300 LED Light 18/6 Light Schedule 5x 4L Root Pouch Plagron Light Mix Plant Magic Old Timer Bloom AN Overdrive Back for a new grow in the new year, and I'm super exited about what we've got in store this time round. When the seeds arrived just before Christmas (good timing Tony) imagine my surprise when out of the packet popped 2 strains I had never heard of, had to wait till the new year to read about them. Thats the AutoBlackberry Kush & AutoEuforia, very exited to see what these new autos can do in a space like mine as they both sound excellent. We also have the mighty StarRyder returning, the first time i've grown her under LED (should be good) and to finish off the Auto Xtreme which is one i've always had my eye on, but others have always got there first. So its another jammed tent for me this time, I think that 5 is a good amount, not too crowded. Lets see what they can do. Not much has changed equipment wise, er well nothing in fact haha, I may run short on my bloom but i'll prob get the same again if it runs out. I also put the light schedule in this time (I didn't the last few times) & I'm hoping to make a measurement of them every update too.. So I got 5 for 5 on the 5th, that is I put 5 seeds to crack, all 5 cracked happily and all 5 germed to what we see today, which is Day 10. The ABK is the biggest by far at the moment, well she was from the start on there third node already! Go girl. The AE by comparison is looking weak, but she is still nice and green and developing as she should so I'm not ready to count her out yet. Fingers crossed for her. The 2 SR are doing great, almost exactly the same, got confidence in these girls. As is the AX she looking fine and is in a good place for 10 days. All have had tap water and will continue to have till I see white hairs and/or 21 days than will start with the OT Bloom. Heres a pic of them today, you can really see the difference in them. Group Shot Day 10 (the 2 SR at the top and bottom left to right AX, ABK, AE) Cheers http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/cannabis-seeds/product/auto-blackberry-kush-autoflowering-cannabis-seeds/ http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/cannabis-seeds/product/auto-euforia-feminized-autoflower-cannabis-seeds/
  6. DP Mazar

    From the album growing and extracting

  7. Bud 1b

    From the album Dutch Passion

  8. Bud 1a

    From the album Dutch Passion

  9. Night Queen day 56

    From the album Dutch Passion

  10. Day 56a

    From the album Dutch Passion

  11. Day 55 b

    From the album Dutch Passion

  12. Day 55a

    From the album Dutch Passion

  13. Day 52c

    From the album Dutch Passion

  14. Day 52c

    From the album Dutch Passion

  15. Day 52b

    From the album Dutch Passion

  16. Day 52a

    From the album Dutch Passion

  17. Night QueenDay 50

    From the album Dutch Passion

  18. Night Queen Day 49

    From the album Dutch Passion

  19. Day 46b

    From the album Dutch Passion