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Found 343 results

  1. Auto Blueberry Popped it's head

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

  2. Auto Blueberry Popped it's head

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

  3. DP 3 X autos

    From the album UK 2016 Outdoor Greenhouse Grow

    Dutch Passion - AutoMazar, Daiquiri Lime and Think Big.
  4. Durban poison mutant

    From the album Mostly growing

  5. Hello and welcome, First off i would like to give a big shout out to Dutch Passion Tony for sending me these test seeds free of charge. Il be starting this seedling under one of Grow Northern's HS1 LED with three extra units to be added later. The seedling, after propagation will be transplanted into the 55 Litre Alien Pro Single Bucket system. To avoid any root diseases and to add an organic super boost to the regime, a Beneficial Tea will be brewed weekly using ingredients from The Nutrient Company. Strain Information : New variety! Available from 1st January 2016! Think Big® is a new high performance AutoFem based on the legendary Think Different genetics. Think Big® was created after a small number of special XXL Think Different plants were selected from hundreds of plants grown from seed and used as the genetic basis for Think Big®. Think Big® can grow taller (1.5m+) and bigger than Think Different AutoFem and takes a couple of weeks longer to finish. The two to three extra weeks that Think Big® needs to finish are responsible for the amazing big yields she offers when treated with love. Resin coverage is often sensational, the cannabis is strong and numbing with a soaring sativa high. The taste has hints of citrus, lemon and incense. Harvest time is typically 13-14 weeks after germination and yields both indoors and outdoors have XXL potential. Exceptional autoflowering genetics have just been pushed to the next level! The Set Up : Prima Klima PK 125mm 420m3/h Extraction Fan PHRESH FILTER 400M3/H Carbon Filter WINFLEX CLIP FAN 13W (x2) Desk-Top Fan 60w 18 inch DarkRoom DR 120 II ISOBOX BOX-IT-YOURSELF FOR EXTRACTOR FANS THERMO-HYDROMETER WITH PROBE (x4) Dime-able Oil Filled Electric Radiator 1800-200w Blue-Lab PH Pen Blue-Lab EC Pen Growing Equipment : Grow Northern HS1 LED (x4) 55 Litre Alien Hydroponics Single Bubbler Bucket 6 Inch Green Net Pot Hi-Blow XP-80 Air Pump 4" Air stones (x2) Electric Heated Propagator 15w Black Silicon Air Tubing Growing Medium : Growth Technology Root It Cubes Grodan Rockwool Cubes Gold Label Special Hydrocorn Clay Pebbles Nutrients : Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A+B Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Bloom A+B Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X Canna Boost Canna Rhizotonic Canna Pk13/14 Canna Zym Canna Mono Trace Elements Grotek Silicon Evoponic Calcium and Magnesium Beneficials : TNC Mycorr-Hydro Mycorrhizal Fungi TNC Tricorr Trichoderma TNC Bactor Bacteria Unsulphured Organic Black Strap Molasses Organic Earth Worm Castings Pathogens & Pests: Hydro-Garden Fungus Gnat Off Hydro-Garden Bud Rot Stop Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen Canna Cure Cana Flush Miscellaneous: PH Up PH Down PH 7 Buffer PH 4 Buffer PH Probe KCL Storage Solution PH Probe Cleaning Solution EC 2.76 Buffer
  6. Durban Poison

    From the album A Secret Garden

    Not sure how old she is but she has a way to go yet, gonna hold her back for a super scrog!

    © Sun Maid Rosin

  7. Green Fingers' Dutch Passion adventure!! so after growing DP 'the ultimate' and having great results yield wise and more importantly smoke wise i decided to do a new diary in the DP sub forum growing DP only strains in multi strain grows. i have 22 'ultimate's' finishing in 2 weeks approx so i ordered 10 beans to do this new diary with. I am planning on making this a rolling diary and doing at least 1 new strain or even 2 each run but i will always have space for 'ultimate' in my groom. my set up is 3x 600w lumii HPS lights 1x10 inch rvk A1 and 10 inch rhino pro pulling out 2x 4 inch rvk pulling in 4x 12 inch oscillating fans in each corner de-humidifier on stand-by my groom is 2.5mx3mx1.7m tall lined with b+w sheeting, walls made from stud and internal doors for insulation with all above equipment inside I am planning to do 18 plants in 6.5 pots in plant magic dirt, and oldtimers grow and bloom, granules and bio silicone i was using biobizz range with b&q mp compost and the latest gnat infestation has pissed me off so much and i have read on here people rate PM soil higher than BB so only makes sense to use PM nutes with soil So the line up for run 1 and maybe 2 will be 5x DP 'the edge' 1st Prize Outdoor, Spannabis Champions Cup 2015 If you’re a fan of strong old-school Skunk varieties with bumper harvests then this is a perfect choice. The Edge is a Sativa dominant (75% Sativa, 25% Indica) variety that delivers heavy harvests of top quality cannabis with a strong Shiva aroma which will remind you of the good old days. THC levels of 17% are typical, this is a powerful variety. The Edge has a Skunk-appearance, but with slightly more stretch. The longer inter-nodal distance and multi-branching allows for extra large harvests. This variety prefers extra nutrients during vegetative growth and requires 8-9 weeks for flowering indoors, typically reaching up to 1m tall and yielding up to 500g/m². The Edge will also perform Outdoors in mild climates and will finish as early as mid/late September. The Edge delivers a powerful and uplifting high which transitions into a strong stone. This is a robust variety which performs well even for less experienced growers and will tolerate conditions which are not always ideal. Whichever way you grow The Edge you should get a heavy crop of quality pot. 5x DP 'power plant' As soon as it was released in 1997 Power Plant became an instant success, a heavy yielding and highly stable classic. Power Plant is a mostly-Sativa variety from South Africa and the original version is only available from Dutch Passion. It is a heavy yielder for indoor, greenhouse and outdoor gardens (does well in Mediterranean climates) with bumper yields of 500-600 grams/m2 and is popular with recreational and medical users. Power Plant has been a key part of our collection and has been regarded as a Dutch Passion legend alongside, and on a par with, White Widow. It was only ever inbred by us, never hybridised, and remains a pure and stable strain with a great and well deserved reputation. When it was first released every coffeeshop wanted Power Plant on their menu and it is still found in Dutch coffeeshops today.
 Power Plant is rich in THC and delivers a formidable strong „up‟ high with a fresh flavour, smooth/soft smoke and sweet after-taste. The plants reach 1-1.5m tall and the buds are often 30+cm long, with small leaves in them. Outdoors the flowering starts late but the plants ripen quickly and are usually ready around the 2nd week of October. Indoors, the flowering starts one week after reducing the light cycle to 12 hours and a total of 8 weeks is typical. Because this is a purebred, unhybridised strain it is very uniform, consistent and predictable. Power Plant is one of those uncomplicated original classic strains that everyone should try. Stable, highly potent and with great harvests. also ill be running 8 DP 'ultimate' from clones that i already have all seeds were put into a mug of room temp water last night and i can already see some of the power plant beginning to open and show that first sign of a white tap root i cannot tell with the edge as the seeds are tiny (as the ultimate seeds were) but im sure they will pop they are all sat at the bottom in the boiler cupboard in the dark and by tomorrow the will be in small pot under the CFL with her clone cousins The clones are Ultimate's that are 3 weeks from being cut of flowering plants wish me luck on my first multi strain run hope you enjoy the show!! ATB GREEN
  8. Well it has to be said, that in my honest opinion......As far as outdoor strains go in britain, Passion No.1 comes top of the list. Obvously others will have their own say in the matter, but if you want big harvests, big plants and no mould.....say no more....a bitch to trim though. Here are a few of my passions from over the years.......feel free to post your pics up too......... these were from 2013 GG And a few from this years GG This last one is a weird little fucker...it basically grew up with red purps and got planted out in a plot with all red purps in it......now is it possible for a plant to take the characteristics from another...just by growing together....i think not, but it doesn't even look like a passion either and is 3 weeks ahead, even though it went out last.....still a beauty. Anyway people feel free to post pics up...would be nice to see what other people are doing with this wonderful strain. Be Lucky Andro
  9. Hey guys... Im on My fifth grow. I'm growing TD,AU and AX from DP. 15 liters square pots. Gold labels special mix soil. Nutes are Gold Labels A and B as Base then I use AN's Big bud and b52 as additives. They are grown under HPS.
  10. Think Different

    From the album iGrow2016

    © iBlazeDaily

  11. This weeks customer blog review may be an interesting one for the outdoor growers. Its a grow of Durban Poison and Frisian Dew in 2014. Full review here http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/news-and-development/frisian-dew-and-durban-poison-outdoor-grow-in-wales/
  12. Kompact & Kushty Micro Grow Setup 1x AutoBlackberry Kush 1x AutoEuforia 2x StarRyder 1x AutoXtreme 90hx60x60 Grow Tent (Limited Height) Fresh Air Intake and CF Exhaust Vipar V300 LED Light 18/6 Light Schedule 5x 4L Root Pouch Plagron Light Mix Plant Magic Old Timer Bloom AN Overdrive Back for a new grow in the new year, and I'm super exited about what we've got in store this time round. When the seeds arrived just before Christmas (good timing Tony) imagine my surprise when out of the packet popped 2 strains I had never heard of, had to wait till the new year to read about them. Thats the AutoBlackberry Kush & AutoEuforia, very exited to see what these new autos can do in a space like mine as they both sound excellent. We also have the mighty StarRyder returning, the first time i've grown her under LED (should be good) and to finish off the Auto Xtreme which is one i've always had my eye on, but others have always got there first. So its another jammed tent for me this time, I think that 5 is a good amount, not too crowded. Lets see what they can do. Not much has changed equipment wise, er well nothing in fact haha, I may run short on my bloom but i'll prob get the same again if it runs out. I also put the light schedule in this time (I didn't the last few times) & I'm hoping to make a measurement of them every update too.. So I got 5 for 5 on the 5th, that is I put 5 seeds to crack, all 5 cracked happily and all 5 germed to what we see today, which is Day 10. The ABK is the biggest by far at the moment, well she was from the start on there third node already! Go girl. The AE by comparison is looking weak, but she is still nice and green and developing as she should so I'm not ready to count her out yet. Fingers crossed for her. The 2 SR are doing great, almost exactly the same, got confidence in these girls. As is the AX she looking fine and is in a good place for 10 days. All have had tap water and will continue to have till I see white hairs and/or 21 days than will start with the OT Bloom. Heres a pic of them today, you can really see the difference in them. Group Shot Day 10 (the 2 SR at the top and bottom left to right AX, ABK, AE) Cheers http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/cannabis-seeds/product/auto-blackberry-kush-autoflowering-cannabis-seeds/ http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/cannabis-seeds/product/auto-euforia-feminized-autoflower-cannabis-seeds/
  13. DP Mazar

    From the album growing and extracting

  14. Bud 1b

    From the album Dutch Passion

  15. Bud 1a

    From the album Dutch Passion

  16. Night Queen day 56

    From the album Dutch Passion

  17. Day 56a

    From the album Dutch Passion