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Found 340 results

  1. update 05/07/2014 #3

    From the album All new LED Flower Tent

  2. So I've decided to keep my automatics in my veg tent secret jardin DR60 with an evader 170w (drawn) LED. My flower tent is to be used for 12/12 only (this is posted under a separate, brand new diary, tba). Initially I thought I'd use a mixture different airpots; home made 4 litre, 5 litre net pot and 6 litre air pots. When potting up I realised how much of a pain in the arse the home made ones are. Also it instantly occured to me when looking at store bought air pots, that they have good air underneath the pots, which the other two types I tried don't. I am using plant magic soil supreme (love it) with granules, evolution, bio silicon (from first/final pot up, till about day 28), old timer bloom (from day 28), equilibrium and gifted plant booster (heavy in seaweed). Possibly a bit of PM root stimulant (just got). So what I ended up with is the following: StarRyder in 6 litre airpot. Ice cool in 6 litre airpot Sweet trainwreck 6 litre airpot Jack47 6 litre airpot Blue Cheese 3 litre airpot. Images to follow in a sec e2a Day 11 since germination
  3. Day 44

    From the album Tdam autoultimate

  4. Day 47

    From the album Tdam autoultimate

  5. Dark Delight day 44

    From the album Dutch Passion

  6. Dutch Passion Twilight

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

    © UK420 Hazy Harry 2014

  7. Dutch Passion Surprise Mix

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

    © UK420 Hazy Harry 2014

  8. Dutch Passion Twilight

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

    © UK420 Hazy Harry 2014

  9. Dutch Passion Twilight

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

    © UK420 Hazy Harry 2014

  10. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts... I want to order some Dutch Passion seeds (colour mix 4). Though they are out of stock on Attitude Seeds, so I was considering ordering from Dutch Passion direct. Partly because they seem a lot cheaper from Dutch Passion website. Attitude Seeds = £54.99 + £4.50 = £59.49 Dutch Passion site = 50 euros (£41) no postage cost. Are there any disadvantages buying direct from Dutch Passion? Seems a lot better option if £18 cheaper. Postal responsibility? I am confused by the postal responsibility. I was under the impression that it was an internet sellers responsibility to ensure the item reaches the buyer, yet on the Dutch Passion site it states that regular (unrecorded/un-signed for) mail is my responsibility not theirs. I sell a lot on ebay and I know that it is my responsibility to get an item to the buyer and if it gets lost in the post I have to refund the buyer. So for higher value items I sell, I pay the extra cost of the recorded delivery as I don't want to cover the cost if it gets lost in the post. Attitude Seeds site seems similar they have a £4.50 postage option, or £7.99 for guaranteed delivery and they say "Do not add guarantee (£0.00) (buyer accepts responsibility)" I've also checked this on a european consumer website and it seems to confirm that it is the seller's responsibility. http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/shopping/online-shopping/faq/index_en.htm Any have any further thoughts on this? are they perhaps allowed to shift responsibility to the buyer by stating this? Thanks, S Monkey
  11. Dutch passion's the ultimate is it any good? I've heard of people pulling a far few oz off one plant grows are there talking shit or does it grow exactly like it says on the tin and title? Anyone with any experience would like to share your views feel free chaps ATB Hec
  12. Day 34 since germination #3

    From the album Autos in veg tent #1

    ice cool is top right blue cheese is top left centre is starRyder is centre