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Found 343 results

  1. gbog1

    From the album Dutch passion girls

    © bluntz27

  2. Hello one and all - my gnomes and I are back in blighty after ten years working away...I was in this site in those days, grew ScroG in a DR80 and a DR240 tent with HPS. A year after returning to U.K., I finally got my ass in to gear, bought the required and kitted out the garage. oh, I also partitioned the garage, built the insulated grow room and put in the tent tent - bloom room 1m x 1m x2 Rhino filter 6” RVK Systemair extractor Ram humidifier Radiator Wilma four pot large Air stones Kroptek HiKrop 360w full spectrum LED Canna coco pro and pebbles 65/35 Airpro heat and humidity control 1 x 20 lt airpot for a try Two regular 18lt Wilma pots with many holes PH target range will be 5.8 to 6 EC will start at 1 and I will push it up during veg then do what the ladies tell me. rH will start at 60% and be reduced until flower at 30/35% Heat will remain in the range of 22 to 26z Nutes- all new to me, to be fair in the years I grew I never had a favorite - I always found environment and genetics to be the biggest factor for yield, taste, bud density, quality etc... nutes are Growth technology grow and bloom a&b Cal mag Grow genius monosilic Tribus original Canna Rhizotonic Remo velokelp for folior Not decided on bloom additives yet seeds this time will be Dutch passion autos Mazar Glueberry og Critical orange punch it won’t be a real diary as I am far too busy with home and work with lockdown but will keep you all updated. started with 180 light and got bored so threw in the other half very first time with autos - many moons ago I only ran Fem photos and generally ran single plant behemoth scrogs Also first time with LED lights a lot has moved on in my time in non-weed tolerating countries so I am expecting between grows I will update my toys a fair bit. Have my eyes on the systemar EC in-line silenced extractor with GAS EC controller if I am busy I am sure my gnomes will step in and post a few pics to try to keep things alive take care Z
  3. Starting a Diary here as this is my first Auto Grow (been splitting beans 12+yrs). I usually rtw on a d.i.y system with blue wilma feeders 90 ltr res'. Coco is my medium of choice ñormally ,ive just done a run with plagron feeds last run but plan to go bk to canna a & b and boost .... is the lucas formula better as ec creeps up with no flush ?!,dont wanna lock em out first auto run ... Im also starting 3 DP Powerplants fems to take cuts from after the autos . System will be 4 x 600w on tubes/closed reflectors (10" rvk ),intake 8" rvk a1 outtake 10"a2 rvk 10" filer 3 ft long !. What pot size is best 4 the autos ? 15 ltr enough in coco ?. Double bedroom for space .
  4. I've been accepted into the September Dutch Passion photocontest! Yes, I'm very chuffed. If anyone here is going over to the DP site to browse or to buy, and you have a spare minute or two, I would very much appreciate your vote. I'm not allowed to put links on this forum so please just search for 'dutch passion september photocontest' and you will find it. My huge Auto Glueberry OG from last November gave me 7.7oz and it was incredible to watch it get bigger and bigger by the hour. I wasn't an experienced grower by any means, I made big mistakes, but the genetics and strength on that thing made it almost indestructible. It got to this size and quality despite what I did to it. This photo was on day 62 out of 82. The finished bud lasted me and Mrs Bayleaf two very enjoyable months. A big thank you to Dutch Passion for putting me in the competition and a big thank you to everyone on the forum who goes out of their way to; vote, take a look at my picture on the site or even to leave a comment. Bayleaf
  5. Im generally a reg seed fem grower preferably uk420s....but this year i bought some dutch passion autos as they were on offer..only 3 have germed sucessfully and potted , 2 are struggling the other 4 sat there with end it tap showing in crack of shells....not impressed... the freebee critical orange is just sat there doing the going darker thing. Fella on a fb site said he had a 0% rate wiith dp ....Anyone else on here bought any duds from them? Same germ method ive been using for 30 years with good sucess so its not a fuk up my end
  6. Auto Euforia 1

    From the album Dutch passion girls

    © bluntz27

  7. Auto Euforia 2

    From the album Dutch passion girls

    © bluntz27