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Found 40 results

  1. Would love to get my hands on some of these beans!! Will there be a release in the future ? These sound amazing Purple Stardawg x Discobiscuit
  2. just wondering if anyones got hold of any good crosses ,grown or smoked g.m.o cookies. seems like a strain thats abit different from most newer strains about atm
  3. So a couple of weeks back I received the Blueberry Cookies seeds - I was actually down for testing the Wedding Cake release and due to some delays with them getting the release out, @Dinafem-Mark was kind enough to offer a replacement strain to do - so thanks Mark and Dinafem! I am already following some great diaries of growers running this strain currently, so I know the genetics will perform and have some nice references to aid me into the unknown... I have never run a photo period Cookie strain before, but have run Blueberry from cuts a couple of years - so this will be a lot of fun! This diary I feel is a little similar starting out to my “Sweet Like Chocolate” diary over in the HSO section, so if you would like to know further details on equipment, environment, nutrients in detail - I would encourage you to check that out Strain Info: - 60% Indica / 40% Sativa - Blueberry x Girl Scout Cookies - 55-60 days - 18% THC I only germinated 3 beans as my tents are a little full at the moment with Dinafem autos, seedlings and cuts for the next couple of weeks. Seeds were germinated with the 'cup n water' method for around 18-24 hours and then sowed straight into coco coir. After the first true leaves formed I put them on 200ppm (0.5 scale) of cal-mag and cyco base nutrients and a few days later added House & Garden Roots Excelurator. They are being grown under a 150w Scope LED light (DiyLedUK) which is set 24" from the plants dimmed to around 100w after starting out at 60w 18" away. Only 2/3 seeds made it, but it is no issue at all. I can pop the other 2, take clones or whatever.. I have got out of the habit of trigger popping seeds and ending up with plants everywhere once they start to grow.. Live and learn as I get older... Apparently 9 days from germination The H&G doing it's magic on the roots also: I will transplant them up tomorrow and check back in - just been a bit busy with various bits and bobs. Cheers ps. Sorry, just had to be done:
  4. Grow 3 - Day 9

    From the album Third Grow

  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-47039911 A California doctor is fighting for his licence after he prescribed cannabis cookies to a four-year-old boy. Dr William Eidelman, a natural medicine physician, said small doses of marijuana would help control the child's temper tantrums. The doctor misdiagnosed the child with bipolar disorder and attention deficit disorder (ADD). A board of state regulators labelled him "grossly negligent" for failing to consult a psychiatrist. The boy's father consulted Dr Eidelman in September 2012 because his son was misbehaving at school. The doctor recommended small amounts of the drug, which was revealed when the school nurse was asked to give the boy his cannabis cookies at lunchtime. The board did not seek to revoke the doctor's licence because he prescribed cannabis to a child, but because he was "negligent in his care and treatment". Dr Eidelman has appealed against the ruling, made on 4 January, and said he will continue to practise. His lawyers said he had won a suspension of the revocation, pending a future hearing. Medicinal cannabis usage has been legal in California since 1996, and Dr Eidelman estimates that he has recommended the drug to thousands of patients.
  6. From the album General shots

    Spent 2 hours typing up the story behind this cross. Was obviously too long for this uploader so when I hit finish, I got taken back to step 1 and my work was lost. So now you'll never know!
  7. Hey new member here looking at what strain to do next and im set on a cookies strain but im having trouble finding the best ones ? i know barneys farm and royal queen has released cookie fem seeds, has anyone tried or in the process of these ? i know bsb has a cali cookies and im running their diesel now but im not sure. im set on humbolts lemn garlic og, a cookies strain and maybe something else to fill my tent out with. Maybe some freebies they always throw in but id rather stick with something more legit. any recommendations would be nice
  8. Dutch Passion - Auto Colorado Cookies

    From the album Diary Pictures

    High hopes for these beans.
  9. Cookies and Pineapple Express x2

    From the album Greenhouse haveagrow

  10. KGBeans G.S.C X Psychosis BX1

    From the album Diary Pictures

  11. KGBeans G.S.C X Psychosis BX1

    From the album Diary Pictures

  12. KGBeans G.S.C X Psychosis BX1

    From the album Diary Pictures

  13. KGBeans G.S.C X Psychosis BX1

    From the album Diary Pictures

  14. KGBeans G.S.C X Psychosis BX1

    From the album Diary Pictures

  15. Hey all, Been a while since I showed off any buds, as you'll be able to see nothing much has changed, still growing nice bud but taking rubbish budshots Here we have my Disco Biscuit keeper, a pheno that leans much more towards the mother which is what I was looking for, maybe not quite the memorable flavour of the cookies but not far off. Doesn't look like a big yielder until you realise how much those tight dense bids actually weigh. All have been grown in soil under a mixture of HPS/CDM lighting. Discobiscuit day 50 12/12
  16. Thanks Mark and dinafem, hope to do these proud. Will update proper later on, seeds were put into paper towels 4x Amnesia kush 2x PAK 4x connoisseur cookies 2x big Kush 1 of the Amnesia kush didn't do nothing after going into soil. Also don't think 1 of the PAK's will make it. So that's why today I popped the 2x big Kush(especially after seeing my one in flower today) Thanks for looking in will update when they don't look like bean sprouts
  17. UGORGCookies 56 Days

    From the album My Pics

  18. UGORGCookies 56 Days

    From the album My Pics

  19. UGORGCookies 56 Days

    From the album My Pics

  20. UGORGCookies 50 Days

    From the album My Pics

  21. UGORGCookies 50 Days

    From the album My Pics

  22. UGORGCookies 50 Days

    From the album My Pics

  23. GSC x HT

    From the album iGrow 2015

    © iBlazeDaily

  24. Cookies

    From the album UGORG