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Found 66 results

  1. thumbnail-20190209-235530.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Project 2019

    off to an early start. 2 dozen Green Gold Clones
  2. im growing 6x ww x bb from seed and 4x candy kush from cuttings/clones using dutch pro light mix 600w led for veg 1200w led for flower ph perfect nutrients 3 part by advanced nutrients seeds are 10 days old cuttings 1 week from rooting ive not started feeding the plants yet as when i bought the soil he said there would be enough in there to last a little while before starting to feed can some one please tell me why the leaves are going like the pictures ive added, i thought this was because ive no fed them nothing yet, but the cuttings are alot bigger than the seedlings, but then noticed the seedlings doing the exact same as the cuttings. bit wired i thought and i cant find nothing like these on any forum, i want to get them right before its to late if any one can help me that would be great ! hi, im a new grower, so helpful this site is !
  3. Since my sensi seeds were overwatered and killed by myself I was gifted this clone which I’m told is a couple weeks old Never Done this before so all advice will be helpful I’ll be starting the grow outdoors until weather permits (btw what’s he coldest the plant can endure) Once it does get to cold it will be going in a tent Can you get a water alternative or is ph balancing all their is?
  4. Hi 420. Yeah so, as the title says. Clones growing..... but no roots! Took cuttings from 9 lemon haze plants, took 14 altogether. I cut them at a 45 degree angle then placed them in clonex bottle, dripping a little in the holes of the root riots. I then placed them in the propagator 10” under my 300 watt cfl.... I originally had the propagator plugged in for the first 3 days, but the temps were going up to around 30 - 33 c so I unplugged it and they went down to 23 - 28 c. 12 days later there’s still no roots showing, although they are growing/stretching?? anyone have any idea why they’re not taking? I’ve done them previously using exactly the same method and had roots showing after 7 - 10 days? any feedback appreciated. Thanks
  5. hello there, so I got new clones from a friend. and few days later when I put them in a rockwool cubes I released something is eating them, they had those little white lines like if it was infected with thrips, I couldnt find them crawling, or anything. Got some treatment going for thrips and spidermites just in case its spidermites. I couldnt see anything moving after that either, ofcourse. Got some magnifying glass so I could see better and nothing. Are they very small in the beginning that its impossible to see them? and then my girls started developing some brown patches on their few leafs. Maybe because of those two different sprays I was using? one of them is for spidermites, the other is for thrips. Could it be? Now waiting for new leaves to grow so I could see if anything is damaging them, and if those brown patches develop. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Seems like a pest damage, but you cant see them, applying some sprays, getting brown patches on leaves as a result of it. Stressful :/
  6. Dinafem Amnesia Kush and GHS Kings Kush

    From the album Amnesia Kush, Kings Kush

    These clones were made 2 weeks ago. Still not seeing any visible roots. I'm getting a little worried!
  7. Afternoon all, This is the first time I've taken clones to sex the mums (bubblegum regs), so I took 6 cuts from 3 mums and one of the clones is showing roots - 5 still to go so I'll leave them all be until I get some movement from them all. They're in root riot sponges what I need some help with is I intend to flower the weaker clones to determine the gender of my mums - do I need to get the ones I intend switching to 12/12 into a wee pot of compost or can they just be flowered in the root riot sponges? I'm not going all the way them just want them to show their sexy bits. Once they've all rooted the stronger ones will be kept as mums until I've flowered the original mums (fingers crossed their mums) and decided which one is best. Your wisdom would be very much appreciated - muchos grassy-ass
  8. Hello peeps just need a bit of advice!! I've took cuttings before a few times and they all died so I invested in an aero cloner! Ideally I wanna start a perpetual harvest! I took the cuttings with no rooting gel, placed them in the aero cloner then waited, roots popped from five so I transplanted the five to light mix and I've been feeding with a light drop of root juice! I've got them in my propagatir! My question being do they even need o be in there? And as it's a heated prop would it be recommended to turn the heater on on it? Temps in my room are min of 18 and max of about 24! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. PhotoPictureResizer 160725 092944159

    From the album CLONES/MOTHER

    The cabinet cost me $20NZD (10 quid to you POM's ) Best investment ever!

    © BoB NZ

  10. PhotoPictureResizer 160725 092912987

    From the album CLONES/MOTHER

    Mother is a Hybrid Indica dominant - produces awesome babies and the bud is sticky and POTENT I have about 20 cuttings on the go at the moment preparing for my Gorilla grow starting in September (we are in the southern hemisphere) Then I have some rooted cuttings ready for my next indoor, and 2x cross strains of seedlings that I have been playing with.

    © BoB NZ

  11. Hi I have recently transplanted my clones into my system and didn't notice until now that most of the new growth is one leaf leaves! There's two leaf leaves, three etc but only 5 leafs leaves at the bottom!. I have researched and all I can find is that it is down to stressing the plants out to much... Has anyone come across this? Any advice ?. Thanks. I do no know how to upload pics in the forum but they are uploaded on my profile of that helps.
  12. Hi guys.. What should I look for when choosing clones to keep to pot up and grow? I have 16 clones but only using 10 to grow so need to choose the best 10 what should I look for? Thanks in advance
  13. Good evening all, I am well to baked and still searching to find this article-believe i read it in soft secrets. What i remember is they have this new thing out there -still not commercialy used to create these seeds(believe they in capsules?) and as a result every seed is the same as their mum they came from-same as if it was a clone. Anyone heard of this?sounds interesting.... mods please feel free to change the topics name if you find the corret name for this ,well too baked and english is not my first language,hard to come to terms now
  14. from this 26th march

    From the album Advanced Female Seeds Pineapple chunk and super cheese

    I wasn't too optimistic about these clones because i took them from 7 week old (from seed) motherplants... i usually wait until i see pre flower before i cut clones but i've not grown either of these strains before and so i don't know how long they will take to finish. looking at the ones i have 4 weeks into bud i think they will be another 5 weeks 11 weeks from seed to cut
  15. From the album Advanced Female Seeds Pineapple chunk and super cheese

    in maybe another 15 days i'll bung em in my tent with my current girls as they're already on 12s
  16. hello, hello, Hi. taken the long overdue dive into the world of growing. have been set up 5 days now. setup is as follows, 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 tent, 600w hps light, 5" fan and filter, 9" oscillating fan, nine 16l rootpouch pots filled with canna coco 60/40 pebbles mix and im using canna I got my babies on sunday, they came looking healthy in rockwool cubes with decent rootage. I transplanted into the 16l rootpouches pretty much as soon as. I watered them with room temp water with a little rhizotonic untill I had run off in the tray. really thought they would have livend up a little by now but they seem to be drooping and the leaves curling down, the little ones at the top seem to be curling round the most and are a very pale green. they also all have purple stems more or less all over. also some yellowing of some of the nine. i am going to try take pictures and upload tonight very shortly. so hello everybody and anyone have any inclination of what could be happening?? any info would be much appreciated
  17. Ok so yesterday I hit a problem. My cuttings started to claw I'll give youse a quick bit on info so you can help diagnose. I was given 5 cuttings under the promise they were rooted. So they've been sitting on my windowsill ( lack of equipment). I don't know what soil they were in, but yesterday I covered the top layer with bio bizz soil just to cover the little bits of the jiffy that were exposed. After that I watered them. However they are in my kitchen, and yesterday I was cooking dinner and went back into my kitchen to notice how sweltering the heat was in there. So I opened the windows and put on my extractor fan ( weak kitchen one). But by that time they had started to claw up like a nitrogen toxicity. They're looking less clawed this morning but are still clawed and a couple of the other leaves have started to claw. Sorry about the poor quality pictures it's because I had to reduce the size of them to post them...
  18. Greetings fellas, have a little issue with my girls here, may be you could give me some useful advices. I`ve rooted those clones first in a propagator, then potted them in a 0.5l pots after they established there i moved them in final 3l pots about a week ago. I use Bio Bizz All Mix soil. - I`ve gave them Canna Soil Grow 4ml/l Canna Rhizo 2ml/l And some with epsom salts through spray. Tested PH levels 6.5-7.0 Any advices what that could be or this yellowing is all right?
  19. Hi guys, im new round here and need some advice. Ive just been given 5 Psychosis Cuttings from a friend. Ive currently got them on my windowsill just because I haven't got a propagator or my light/tent setup yet. I think that all 5 have rooted, so what's my next plan of action? I know they need to go into bigger pots soon, but I was going to wait until I could see visible roots through the drainage holes. Furthermore how often should I water? Just when It seems dry? Thanks in advance
  20. Tri Lambda Sisters Day 10

    From the album Mangusu, Buddy, Duke & Alpha - Christmas Tree Clones !!

    These appear to be doing OK. Lots of new growth starting to develop !
  21. under the t5

    From the album project clone

  22. both cuts

    From the album project clone

  23. From the album Mangusu, Buddy, Duke & Alpha - Christmas Tree Clones !!

    Meet the future Trinity sisters ! Thought I would make use of some of Plan C's lower shoots. Cuttings taken from a plant at about day 21 of going 12/12 are meant to be naturally bushy and not need topping / FIMing. We shall see