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Gonna Be A Good Summer!

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Hindu Kush Dude
Album created by
Hindu Kush Dude

Hey everyone.

After a slow start with this years 1st crop (lighting fail and need of a new grow room)

all's lookin' nice now.

I have decided to give auto's a try (3x HK's and 1x Peyote Crit which was a freebie)

As mentioned, a slow start so I used the greenhouse - plenty of heat (which the HK's love) but lacking in light at the start so they've really shot up!

But.....I have built a growdrobe - nothing flashy:

2 x fan inlets (both with covers for when needed)

1 x vent outlet above (no external fan or filter)

1 x removable veg shelf

1 x viparspectra 450w LED

2 x adjustable drop ropes & hooks


These girls have had nothing but light, a soft airflow and my magic juice! (nothing special really - just pure cane molasses and Tomatorite) mostly foliar fed when really dry.

Getting ready for harvest soon - more photo's to follow.

The first liquid extraction is really good - although it's only leaf so very much CBD chill gear!




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