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Vertical Grow Room 2

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Room 2 , Of course a replica of room 1.

The second part of the build to have 2 grow rooms built under a worksurface. 1.25m cubes.
Each room has an 8 inch fan and filter externally mounted .  scrog screens on 3 walls . 400watt hps hung vertically , centrally. 4 plants Grow on the left and 4 on the right. All different strains scrogged around the screen. 8 plants in coco , drip fed from a 100 litre container. A 9th plant is used to cover the space in front of the door to give 360 degrees round the bulb.

This room is now vegged with a 250w for the entire 12 week Veg time , flowered with a 400hps and a new addition of a 315cmh sitting directly under the 400 for some full spectrum cannabis.

Temps are almost constant the year round within this room.

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2,339 images