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    • Rex Mundi
    • Rex Mundi
    • Jimmeh
      A decent fan will be designed to run 24/7 - rvks and similar are built for that purpose - I imagine higher end grow fans too.  El-cheapo bathroom extractor fans... Not so much.   Btw, my 5" rvk is the quietest thing in my grow - my cheap speed controller is way louder (the hum), as is my cheap desktop oscillating fan for airflow in the tent which also runs 24/7.   The whoosh from the ducting is the only thing of my extraction fan I can hear, but that's because mine is only mounted semi-permanently, to allow me to collapse the whole operation down in an hour or two if I need to. This means my ducting has a couple of harsh 90 degree bends which cause extra noise. Luckily my outhouse extracts took the bottom of my garden so I don't mind.      +1. I could use a lot more room if I wanted to, but that would mean giving up the ability to just pack it all up into a couple of cardboard boxes at a moments notice - to me that's far more stealth than any mount of hidden compartments or amazing design.    If done right with decent negative pressure (air is being extracted out faster that it naturally flows in) then I don't think either method has an advantage over the other in terms of smell tbh. Tents have poles you can hang things from, wardrobes have wood you can screw things to. You can lean on your wardrobe, please don't lean heavily on your grow tent!  
    • The Sheriff of Nottingham
      Cheers guys, you're a good bunch  @panik @Bubs Smoosh @Poisonata @RandyBoBandy   @Bubs Smoosh Regarding the gloves and fingerprints... well, I do use gloves usually when I'm harvesting and trimming. I used a pair yesterday as a matter of fact. But I get what you are saying about the issue of fingerprints and uploading pics showing the hands, with visible fingerprints, from not wearing gloves. Perhaps I should be more cautious about that