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    • monster69
      you want rock hard buds that will smas a window if you throw them at it maybe try paniks rg4 hard as nails and my grinder lost a few teeth trying to grind this stuff up and its also a knock out smoke
    • kronic420
      Great offer and nice comp, good luck everyone 
    • InTheSystem
      RO water strips out everything from the water, this is advantageous in hydroponic scenarios where the only nutrition uptake is through the water and numbers are everything in terms of your nutrient profile. With hard water at 0.6 EC if you are growing in coco coir or a hydroponic style/medium it will be vital to success. If you are growing in soil, dependent on the quality of your mix the soil life will take care of many things. I have used cheap portable units and they are pretty shit to be honest. I own a Gromax 500/l per day system and I would say it does 8l in about 1.5 hours of the tap running max. I never use it now as I ditched hydro for living soil but I hope that answers some of your questions    
    • BigM
      Cheers for the recommendations! I'm going to give Dutch Passion's, Blackberry Kush a go. Sound like what I'm looking for, dominant indica with high myrcene.  A lot, lot stronger than what I'm used to THC wise but hoping the terpenes make it less cerebral.