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    • Jammo85
      Brilliant thank you mate! That’s great can’t thank you all enough for your knowledge. 
      doing my head in worrying up here not being able to go down and panic down there     ive managed to get root temps up to 22/23  so crosses that off 
      roots are raised off ground on tray that’s on 2x2    tonight I will turn down one or two of lights so it’s not 35c again so that’s another issue ticked off   and I won’t be watering every day now again (which we have been doing since the leg broke I just thought it be easier for her to keep on top of it I’ll go back to every other which seemed to let plants dry but not to a point where they were limp)     
    • Sp1n
      Them & Van Morrison- Baby Please Don't Go  
    • Limey Gas man
      The Dutch guys had more of an influence because it was a cultural focal point why the war on drugs were going on(creating the Dutch strains). Why is steven seagal a Russian dude now then? Why is raheem Stirling playing for England? Don't start a tedious argument over nothing.People can change citizenship if they want to. Dronkers had more of an influence if anything. 
    • No.1PartyAnthem
      Yeah ive been trying random things like trays of water with sponges and rags and stuff Aiming for 45 at the moment as i have one auto finishing off so dont want it too high. Thanks for your time tho mate, appreciate the input. Will hopefully post some bits when they get going.  Another pretty derp question but where is the section for photos? See autos have a designated bit but havent seen anything like it for photos?  Probably just looking in the wrong place