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Growroom Design

Helping You Build Your Perfect Growroom


  1. Design and Location

    Locating and making the best of your available grow space.

  2. Environment

    Probably the most important part of your indoor growroom

    Extraction fans, carbon filters, humidity, temps & C02

  3. 104,037
  4. Growroom Photo's

    Growrooms and mum boxes in progress.

  5. D.I.Y. Kit

    DIY tips and ideas to help save you money.

  6. Growroom Tools   (103,816 visits to this link)

    Work out your grow space, lighting and extraction required, coverage and running costs.

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    • Weedeater_za
      That purple nug is beautiful! Which is that?
    • Zeo
      WEEK 4    All have started LST and the super skunks are all starting to show pistils. I thought they started early last time but this must just be a trait for the strain itself as all 3 have started at the same time. The plants are still very small so yield might not be great. Let’s wait for a few weeks to see the stretch.  When should I start thinking of changing the feed over to bloom? A think maybe 2 weeks time? As they still need to grow    Both of @brock1s are doing good. No signs of change yet but the smaller one , which I planted with perlite has bounced back. sorry I didn’t take photos of them this week.   Northern Lights is also looking okay 
    • OldFord
      Hi , @Apollo & @Tommy  ,   if you gents dont have any updates today i will catch up with you upon my return from working away.     I am due to be away for 9 days but believe it wont be as long as this due to security & ongoing covid issues.       I would be grateful for any updates to come via here as theres a slight chance i will be able to reply during my time away.     Thanks 
    • Jimboo
      @Bustin Jieber    Just what your totes need mate