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Growroom Design

Helping You Build Your Perfect Growroom


  1. Design and Location

    Locating and making the best of your available grow space.

  2. Environment

    Probably the most important part of your indoor growroom

    Extraction fans, carbon filters, humidity, temps & C02

  3. 99,731
  4. Growroom Photo's

    Growrooms and mum boxes in progress.

  5. D.I.Y. Kit

    DIY tips and ideas to help save you money.

  6. Growroom Tools   (96,859 visits to this link)

    Work out your grow space, lighting and extraction required, coverage and running costs.

  • Posts

    • mynamejeffe
      OGKZ coming off in 4-5 weeks. Blue Dream, Sapphire Scout, Gorilla Breath, 707 Headband (only 1 out of 3 left) started around the same time. I had Blue Fire... but see what had happened was, during the polar vortex we had my room got so cold some of my seedlings didn't make it (was definitely unprepared). Anyway I buy packs of 3 and well two of my three 707 headbands died too. Just throwing it out there that I'm still learning lol. I'll definitely consider doing a diary on Gorilla Breath. I would assume doing so would help me get to be one of the ones to test a new strain in the future, right?
    • badbillybob
      the bud did look delicious, despite the cost,   so go on then, count me in,   put my name in the hat please
    • HSO-Mark
      My pleasure mate and I'll be on the lookout for more updates and more HSO diaries in the future   Kind regards    Mark..
    • Dodgee
      Fuck yeah, got my colloidal silver at the ready!   Send em over!