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Growroom Design

Helping You Build Your Perfect Growroom


  1. Design and Location

    Locating and making the best of your available grow space.

  2. Environment

    Probably the most important part of your indoor growroom

    Extraction fans, carbon filters, humidity, temps & C02

  3. 112,792
  4. Growroom Photo's

    Growrooms and mum boxes in progress.

  5. D.I.Y. Kit

    DIY tips and ideas to help save you money.

  6. Growroom Tools   (143,103 visits to this link)

    Work out your grow space, lighting and extraction required, coverage and running costs.

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    • PHatDriver
      Peroxide water mix sounds expensive just for cleaning ya space there dude. Bleach cost a faction and does the same job. I just started a new run and I'm already think of what to pop next. Was also thinking of Sour Diesel or NYC Diesel. Not sure if I've ever had diesel before. Have to wait till next grow. I bought Nev's Haze but it takes just under 100 days! Nightmare. There are fast versions out there but then that's not Nev's Haze any more. I think Nev never finish refining it anyway, so anyone should be granted the free rain to breed it they see fit. Had too look up Sowahh (out of stock) and Double Dead, sounds okay, not sure about the breeder tho. Not over keen of foxtail buds, they're okay, but I prefer them Rock Hard to Slightly Airy.
    • openthebox
      Can’t fault Mephisto or spin off night owl seeds 
    • Rustybiff
      That's great cheers man, shit's about to go down 
    • CheechChongReturns
      Gonna plant the smaller Gelocco out next week. Big one is getting cuttings taken and i'll flower her in the yarden . Little one and cuttings will get entered in the wild card . Gelocco - Maroc x Auto Gelato 33