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Growroom Design

Helping You Build Your Perfect Growroom


  1. Design and Location

    Locating and making the best of your available grow space.

  2. Environment

    Probably the most important part of your indoor growroom

    Extraction fans, carbon filters, humidity, temps & C02

  3. 100,948
  4. Growroom Photo's

    Growrooms and mum boxes in progress.

  5. D.I.Y. Kit

    DIY tips and ideas to help save you money.

  6. Growroom Tools   (98,706 visits to this link)

    Work out your grow space, lighting and extraction required, coverage and running costs.

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    • smilertoo
      Fools, only the friends of government ministers are legally allowed to sell weed in the uk.
    • Hippie on hill
      I think they're using terpenes (and fractionated coconut oil (MCT)) in a lot of cartridges atm      It only takes a few drips of terpenes to make a flowable liquid to go in a cart  If you want it weaker or more flow you can add more flavoured or unflavoured terpenes or MCT, and they also do thicker terpene blends to rescue you if you go too far now too      Not sure I trust any of it tbqh as I don't like the vague language they use to describe the products on the sites, and stories like when the popular Viscosity diluent that claimed to be 100% terpenes was tested and found to be basically mineral oil. and the pricing for terpenes for us in the UK is quite obscene imo @ £10 a ml  I'm still keen to get mixing and try it using the ceramic carts I've picked up for this already tho so lmk by pm if you know of a cheaper source for the terps in the EU please  
    • YOREEL
      That's the one!!! 
    • bruvnic
      But then you don’t get the high of the hash alone,  I like the high you get from a just hash joint,  probably just me making excuses to keep smoking tobacco but still