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    • Likestosmoke
      Had to go for @FarmerPalmersNT cookies. WOW that looks so frosty, cookies and star dawg are my favourite flavours I'm soooo jelous lol. Congrats to all the entries tho, all that bud looks so  mouth watering.   Mmmmmm frosty buds 
    • BudFellow
      Nice comp, and prizes. I will go for 18, 14 and 50, 9   All the best everyone
    • BHAM!
      Hello everyone guys! I'm new in this forum and i consider myself a bit noob at growing, far from me is there wisdom in growing. I harvested only 1 time indoor, 3x S.A.D. S1 not fv (Just love indica!), in which i was able to clone each one to keep if one was outstanding.... and there was one to save! The shortest, the last born, which i use to call the sick one, at the end of flowering was much much bigger than the others 2 and obviously was full of magic flowers! This was almost exactly one year ago, a lot of thing happened and i had to change place and everything.. Luckily i was able to keep a few clones of her alive, and right now i'm at the end of another grow with 3x of this S.A.D. with 2x of Red Poison AF with another plant   I grow only with coco + perlite (About 50/50) Fabric pots (Germination occur in little plastic cup, around 100mL, then in 1 gallon, before flowering i repotted in 2 gallon, even if now i'm doing an experiment if i really need 2 gallon for flowering or 1 gallon from start to finish is enough!) As nutrients i'm using Canna coco A+B, with pk13-14 that i dont think i'll use anymore or maybe a test in just 1 plant to see differences) But i want to try asap the k.i.s.s. (Keep It Simple Stoner lol) method, in which i should use only MaxiBloom by General Hydroponics for entire cycle!   Only LED, diy off course i use 6x Bridgelux Vero 29 in flowering box (4x 3000k ; 2x 5000k), within a few days and ready for next plants i'm gonna put there also about 12W of Far red and 12W of Deep red leds, which should help me keeping my flower sinsemilla and if i'd want i could go with 13hours of light and 11 of dark, i maybe explain this better in my thread but there are some info about it if you search With a meanwell hlg 320, 1400mA max, i'm using it to have a total output of 225W (Precisely dimmed with Arduino's PWM) (Last round, dimming to about 240-250W, 3x S.A.D. from seed, 8ish main cola each plant i was able to harvest a total of a little more of 300g)   And in veg box i'm currently using 4x Cree cxa 2540 (2x 4000k; 2x 5000k) each at about 25W, with deep red led, that should wake the plants faster and better also,i use GLR light system, that means 12h of light, 5h 30min off, 1h on, 5.30 off. The 1h of light in the middle of "night" keep all plants in veg mode, with it i save 5 hours of light, with only a little slowdown of plants, for me much more important less watt = less money spent   Currently i also have the damned spider mites, really dont know from where, lucky me i'm able to keeping it on tracks for now, with only water, and some ladybugs found in the house I really hope that in a week or two that i cut down the plants and i'll "sterilize" the whole box and clean very well the room, i'll be able to say good bye, hope to never meet you again!   I dont have a growbox/tent, i use a wardrobe that i got for free, had only to dismount and take away from a family that didnt need it anymore!   Both veg and flower are identical in size, 1meter large x 0.6 meter x 1.80meter high   It seems i explained everything!   I just wanted to start before the seeds arrive I choosed: GREEN POISON F1 FAST VERSION® CREAM MANDARINE F1 FAST VERSION® KILLER KUSH F1 FAST VERSION® I really wanted to try new seeds, mostly fast version, because i read that taste, effect, smell are not affected, and 1 or 2 week less of flowering is a lot of electrical power saved! So, for now this is everything i think        
    • Dodgee
      You shouldn't use pictures hosting off-site.   I would imagine using your Google drive is one of the very good reasons not too but maybe I'm wrong..   As for the yellowing lower leaves it sounds like natural dying off and nothing too be concerned about.     That said you would be wise to add a few degrees too your temps.  If they're that low at ambient then the temp in pot will be lower and roots get finicky anywhere below 16-18c.   E2a I just reread your post and I think your issue definitely temps. Your temps dropped 3weeks ago and it's no coincidence they stopped drinking 2weeks. Your pots/roots are cold and the plants are stunted. Get a heatmat or something under it pronto like