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    • FigmentofFig
      Update. Im not getting the speed of growth i want. Im gonna transfer to airpots when they get here. All in all, this us a thread about Bubblegummer, and i have to say its my favorite out of these six strains. Its the most uniform, the least bit damaged, and has just been great. On a side note, its got smaller leaves than the others, but more of them. Also, its perfect for manifolding, because the stems are nice and bendy.
    • SolomonBruceman
      It's actually £580, with licence renewals costing £326. A reasonable amount if your cultivating high CBD hemp.
    • Joint hogger
    • Lesley J Wright
      Thankyou for all your suggestions, I have taken them onboard and I'm going to try and join other pages you have told me about. Unfortunately I can't afford to go abroad to get oil, also I would never be able to afford the travel insurance (which would probably cost much more than the air fare due to my very poor health). I feel so frustrated that this backwards country is happy to prescribe incredibly addictive and dangerous opiates, yet a natural safer option is available. Even though hospitals can prescribe the oil it is only for people with very specific illnesses, ie: epilepsy, or where chemotherapy is not an option. I believe this is wrong. Unfortunately our country is run by ageing uneducated and titled people in the House Of Lords (who pass laws) who think the oil is addictive and likely to cause hallucinations and psychosis, when it does none of these things. As people I believe we should have choices, safer choices - of which the oil is one. Big Pharma is almost certainly playing a part in keeping this oil from those that can benefit from it, they would be losing money - unless they can control it of course, so they put out negative scare stories that the government and the NHS believe. They want to keep everyone on their dangerous and profitable drugs at all costs, so far they are winning. i have known about the huge benefits of cannabis oil for many more years than most, I never thought I would ever really need it. Then I was diagnosed with cancer myself and the struggle to get the oil has begun. That is my story, that is why I came here to put 'feelers' out.  Thankyou again