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    • walnutpolecat
      ill start my outdoor autos end of april and do two runs.  so are you looking for high yielding autos? dutch passion do think big and mephisto do alien vs triangle.  probably  a lot more out there but those are the monsters that I see a lot of.
    • monkeypig
      I've never ever measured my run off (I assume that's what you mean by returning EC) You don't mention a system so I'll assume you're handwatering   I've never used canna coco but ec of 2.0 is perhaps a little high if your plants are still little.    I wouldn't bother with 18 or 23 l pots personally. If you're doing 4 in a tent and are prepared to veg for a good few weeks more I'd stick them in 11l pots when they've fully rooted out the 8l, if not I'd leave them in 8l    Relax and stop overthinking things, that's what leads to to much fiddling.
    • Boojum
      Right, so, I played a couple of hours of Sekiro. Since I've been going on about it pre-release I may as well give a 'first impressions' kinda thing.   Love it   It's not shinobi souls, as I jokingly said in the previous post. It's not Soulsborne in samurai clothing. It's got what I think of as the 'From Soft look' to it, the design, the in-game menus & stuff, the description boxes for items, the glowing items themselves, bonfires (in this instance statue shrines) etc, the Soulsborne games all had that presentation, but gameplay-wise it's really different. Much faster combat - loving the combat, it's got a proper samurai movie feel to it, and it's much more attack-focused than the Soulsborne games. The posture thing gives the combat a whole new twist - there's vitality, health, which attacks that hit deplete, but there's also posture - if one combatant attacks and the other blocks then the one blocking loses more posture, but if the attack is parried with timing then the attacker loses posture etc (there's also ripostes, dodging, jumping over sweeping attacks and then kicking), and once the posture is reduced to zero you can do a shinobi finisher. So instead of staying back and dodging, waiting for an opening (which is how I played the Soulsborne games) it's more about keeping the pressure on (cos posture regenerates quickly), so you can break their posture and do a finisher. There's also a stealth element (you are, after all, a shinobi), sneaking through long grass and stabbing in the back. And perhaps the biggest change from the Soulsborne games is the grappling hook (not really a spoiler since you get it straight after the introductory bit) - grappling onto tree branches, pagoda roofs etc to scope out the area and sneak up on enemies then leap on them (you can do aerial finishers as well as sneaky backstabs).   Anyway, sorry, rambling cos I've had a few light ales and a few smokes, I'll stop now, footy's on   First impressions - not Shinobi Souls. Loving it.
    • Ch@ppers
      I am sure he is fine mate,maybe second thoughts at the last moment and he is sitting at home rethinking his major life upheaval plan,be lucky