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    • Jibba jabba
      Not this time round mate, I did a run the other day. But not the Quick critical, it really is a top smoke, stinks a lot, far to good to send to the chamber.   Jj
    • NiceCuppaTea4Me
      Old Timers aint as good as it used to be, not that lovely thick goo that breaks every other syringe any more. Its some watered down stuff, its still pretty good but last few organic runs i did i had to add Epsom and a few other bits and bobs to take care of deficiencies.
    • inc3pti0n
      Ouch man. I guess this is why im asking for reliable recommendations within budget,i dont want to go all out on a first grow, i will upgrade to better quality each wage day and over time. I will check the light out you mentioned but like you said it could be a risk, idk man. But thank you   edit - found it, looks good, seems all good. Has anyone tried this ? Is it reliable the  600w Maxibright Dura Magnetic, Euro, Parbright HPS Kit £54.95
    • Breezus
      Hey mate, I have been reducing my bottles (biobizz) I heartily recommend the grow and stick with seaweed . That's all I use as I don't like too much p&K in my end product. I'm using RO water so I use tnc calmag which is pukka.    Hope that helps