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    • Absurdist
      @Pheonix I've been intrigued from the temperature management point of view too, but for winter use.   If I took DJ's veg recommendation of  13 hrs light, and flowered at night / vegged during the day, I could vent the warm veg cab air into the flower room and keep temps pretty stable, as there would only be 2 hrs when I'd have lights on in both rooms.
    • doobie01
      taffer has always reminded me of looking like the cookie monster if you have ever seen him go off on one
    • OriginalTom11
      Thanx for the ride bro, you are welcome!   Update with some picture of time.. 3days for poison, box for mother still to be fixed. illuminated with 1 LED COB 50W white   32nd days for train, 290w total power true led at the moment in the flowering box ...
      I'll add something, I'm waiting for COB lenses  
    • Smokebelch
      @tokenroll @AKPOG Stunning plants and photos dudes.   Just lately there are loads of quality photos being posted, I especially liking the outdoor plants at the moment.