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    • Conspiranought
      Plasterboard will just end up curving. And it's weak. Plywood can give off that formaldehyde offgas like MDF.     I'm growing in a MDF grow box I made, plants are about half way through flower and don't seem to show any signs of ill health. I did seal it well with a good few coats of white emulsion and pva glue mix though. I would seal any kind of wood personally. Even an old wardrobe. I never did before but would now I learnt about offgassing.    I'm thinking about getting a ds60 tent again though just for peace of mind.
    • JJJ
      Resize the photos so they're under 1mb.  Use the 'create' tab at the top, select 'gallery image' then follow the instructions.  Once in your gallery you can copy and paste them into the thread.
    • lil
      ok thanks
    • JJJ
      Loving the idea of a grow room on wheels that can be taken away when the inspections take place.  Material issues aside, genius.