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Growing in Soil Free Systems.


  1. Hydroponic Systems

    NFT, Flood and Drain, Bubblers etc.
  2. Nutrient and Additives

    Put the Best in, Get the Best Out !
  3. Hydroponic Q+A

    Got a question specific to growing using hydroponics ? ask it here
  4. Coco Coir

    Growing in Coco Coir

  • Posts

    • jadenugs
      Go for it mate, that Ashley looks a keeper If the bud isn't showing signs of roots after a couple of weeks take the prop lid off daily and get a spray bottle you can adjust so it squirts a jet instead of spray. 3 or 4 blasts at the base of the bud stem blasts some oxygen in there and usually does the trick Taking the prop lid off for a while when you do this prevents the bud from rotting but only for so long. If it starts rotting before it roots it's a fail   @Dinafem-Mark I revegged them into small mums but got rid for one reason or another.
    • highlo
      Thanks very much mate 
    • Muppet
      Nice screen, what sized mesh, home made? how much?
    • jadenugs
      @Dinafem-Mark Cheers mate. I tend to top at the 3rd node and wait to see if the bottom branches at the first node are up to much. If they're not I get rid of them but sometimes they grow as strong as the branches above. I have topped further up the plant in the past, mainly if a plant is racing away from the others and I want to slow it down. This was before I learnt about suoercropping and lst though, so quite a while ago You've got me thinking though, if I were to let the plants grow to a decent size and top them all at the same height immediately before flipping, I reckon most of the stretch would be in the lower branches and they'd catch the tops up without the plants getting much taller, leaving an even (ish) canopy. Lower branches might be a bit spindly though. I might even have tried this in the past but my memory is shit, I've forgotten more than I know   Thanks for popping in bro