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Growing in Soil Free Systems.


  1. Hydroponic Systems

    NFT, Flood and Drain, Bubblers etc.
  2. Nutrient and Additives

    Put the Best in, Get the Best Out !
  3. Hydroponic Q+A

    Got a question specific to growing using hydroponics ? ask it here
  4. Coco Coir

    Growing in Coco Coir

  • Posts

    • doobie01
      without getting a light and other kit for it there is no point trying to grow it might as well bin it. or get a light of some sort to keep it alive and look at starting an outdoor crop nearer the time   
    • SpartaGrow
      I ph my water. The two times I didn’t they didn’t root. I brought mine down from about 7.1 to around 5.9 the third time I tried and within 3 days I started seeing tiny roots.    
    • Dodgee
      Your running alot of lights so temps have to be dealt with at the end of the day.   You don't need the amount of negative pressure you describe, I would recommend opening some inlets. Even an active intake to push fresh air into the room.    You could easily run an intake fan and maintain negative pressure with that extraction.  You would quickly get yr temps back in range with a bit more airflow is my 2p
    • The Padawan
      Loving the updates man. Keep em comin   I ran a few autos on 12/12 to fill a few gaps. They were only in 5/6l pots in compost. I started them under a cfl 24/7 then up into the loft they went to 12/12. Chopped 1 last week and it looks an smells not too bad at all.  Obviously not ideal to do it but it does work.