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Growing in Soil Free Systems.


  1. Hydroponic Systems

    NFT, Flood and Drain, Bubblers etc.
  2. Nutrient and Additives

    Put the Best in, Get the Best Out !
  3. Hydroponic Q+A

    Got a question specific to growing using hydroponics ? ask it here
  4. Coco Coir

    Growing in Coco Coir

  • Posts

    • LivelyUpYourself
      @SlimPikins  Chopped the passion 31st oct and pineapple chunk 5th nov, both dried and in jars curing..  P.C smells like lemon curd in the jar, passion smells earthy maybe About 18g buds each but this plot is shite for light, especially in late flower Forgot to mention these lot were/are protected from rain  Chemdawg#4 still going! Had the least mold and trichs still cloudy so pushing it max a week  Funky diesel smell, small but probably nicest looking buds so far       
    • vince noir rock n roll star
    • Hazeworks
      @panik ? any good suggestions
    • Arnold Layne
      Running out of weed is barely an issue worth the thought, IMHO. Got it, smoke it. Not got it, carry on as usual..   Why is addiction always a negative word? Who do we only use it when speaking about certain things like drugs, sex and gambling? No O2, I die, but no one has ever said i'm addicted to Oxygen.   Too much puritanical moralising surrounds this debate. Even pot-heads seem to have swallowed so much of the prohibitionist propaganda they're choking on it.