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Growing in Soil Free Systems.


  1. Hydroponic Systems

    NFT, Flood and Drain, Bubblers etc.
  2. Nutrient and Additives

    Put the Best in, Get the Best Out !
  3. Hydroponic Q+A

    Got a question specific to growing using hydroponics ? ask it here
  4. Coco Coir

    Growing in Coco Coir

  • Posts

    • Simple Jack
      This from the "chief researcher at the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis"?  
    • Arthur Mix
      The two seeds I planted the other day have shown above surface , so five out of five . i have lowered the led panel so not so high...   Strawberry Akeil ....     That's it for now till next time take it easy.....
    • grotbags
      this came on my feed today.... https://www.thevoicefm.co.uk/news/strange-news/human-composting-as-an-alternative-to-burial-or-cremation-signed-into-law-in-washington/   'Dad, i'm going to compost you....c'mon, have u seen the price of good nutes'!??'
    • Arthur Mix
      Watered using roots excel and GHE flora nova grow at EC .9 and ph6 .. Light has been lowered and is set around 60w.. Bit of a purple stem , see if it grows out of it ..   Blueberry cheesecake ....      Thats it for now till next time take it easy....