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Been Busted ? Court Case Looming ? Worried about A Drug's Test ?

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    • Kipper420
      April and may maybe june but august is too late to start imo. tried that. the intensity of the sun is really only suitable for flowering in august not for veg.     Stagger the seed starts by a few weeks or a month tops. Start them inside on a window sill until nice days then give em as much sun and natural light as poss imo    
    • Naz007
      I'm gonna do it early to, probably apri/may and then hopefully my Aug it will be time to harvest.    I'm thinking of only doing 4 autos (2 in April/May and another 2 in Aug/Sep), see how it goes and if by aug, I can do another 2, do you think in Aug it will be too late before the the time to harvest. Oct is when cold and rain kicks in. 
    • Kipper420
      First season for autos for me so I too am just learning. I grew Dinafem Cheese xxl and fruit autos Cheese was spot on, not xxl but think thats down to me. Fruit is a very fast finish with terpenes to spare cracking smoke on both. an auto amnesia and gsc both did well too.   I put autos out early and put them on shelving to maximise sunlight in early veg in the g house Good luck @Naz007
    • Naz007
      Makes sense, I'll be aware of that.   I'm planning to grow autoflowers next year in my greenhouse,  as I'm a newbie. I've been told Northern lights is probably the best for the UK climate. Had any experiences of suggestions?