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New World - Europe - Asia - Africa

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    • Kipper420
      What ever you got until you got something better.  I've used the jars from sweet shops. Plastic Tupperware. Bags.   Until I got more than enough jars   Don't forget to burp and don't be afraid to put them out of jars again into paper bags until its regulated again if they're not dry enough yet Oh and don't fill the jars to capacity. Leave some space Less chance of bud rot. 
    • Joint hogger
      @blackpoolbouncer  good to see someone mixing HPS & CMH, have you completed any grows with this set up yet  ?
    • pomegranate
      I'm really struggling to upload photos, I have them down to 256kb but no joy 
    • Autobud
      watt for watt, the heat is the same. The biggest difference is how it is distributed which is where I think the confusion lies, pot/canopy/leaf temps are cooler with led than HPS or the likes, in winter I have a fan blowing the heat down from above as the heat is dissipated from the heatsinks on top upwards whereas the heat from a hps lamp is directed downwards, for guys running the leds at the top of the groom the heat is extracted directly hence the cooler temps and why in winter I have to have a fan pushing the heat downwards and/or adjust the extraction to suit.