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New World - Europe - Asia - Africa

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    • JeezaK
      good variable ballast 250,400,600, 660 watts £70 max, should keep you happy a few years
    • Asterion
      Can you post a picture of the swiftair fan controller? I bought a swiftair controller to slow a 6" inline it melted and almost set my house on fire. Looked around and it's a common thing with the 1 I purchased.
    • JeezaK
      A lot to chomp on and see this working out well, I'l just comment on the two things that jumped out at me. 16x 11 litres is a lot of Wilma for a 1.2 x 1.2 and you lose available height with a sit on rez system, 4 or 5 plants in 11 litres even hand watered fills a 1.2 very easily....not saying it cant be done but you would be blooming plants at 6in high if they stretch triple which would make that pot volume redundant, of course you could sog at 3 or 4 per pot but plant numbers would be over 50!   Cooltubes, do the job but youll get a reduction with the glass, I dont see heat being a problem with the 8in fan.   could be a lot iv missed in my hazy state but thats about 20 hrs a day   good luck Jee
    • Oldbear
      My mate swears by em, diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic nearly 20 years ago, he's the happiest most upbeat bloke you could meet. Takes them in tinctures as well as teas.    Mushrooms for life!    Obie