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    • Arshlay
      I used plagron batmix for medium. And biobizz for nutrients. Alot harder to go wrong with organic nutes. I'm learning my self but was told the growing medium will support the plant for around 30 day until you need to start using ferilizer.  Start with a small pot for the first couple of weeks then pot up into its final pot. Once repotted the new soil with supply the plant for around 30 days. 
    • Arshlay
      day 9 looking OK growth wise? Thanks 
    • Alan Johnson
      Thanks all!   @badbillybob: i was going to go with that double bulb raptor originally.   Thats my issue with the Magnum and Raptors! Just too big for their own good, and sooo expensive!   I actually think the using more than one reflector might be a good idea (2 x 600), and i have  made the decision to give the Maxi bright air cooled supernova a go since it can be run without the glass (if need be\wanted), is relatively small and cheap, and is a known and respected brand. might start with just the one, then maybe get another one and run 2 x 600w hps.   Thanks for the help     
    • badbillybob
      yeah but cool tubes have a shit throw of light don't they.  If you are worried about cheapos making noise, just tape them up. Its not gonna leak smell - because the air pressure inside the hood is higher than the air pressure in the groom. Another thing to do if you go with big hoods is to get a stand alone fan, just for the hoods. FAn outside the tent blowing  cool air thru the light, in and extract outside the room the tent is in too, but you will know that.