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    • Subutai
      My veg tent is 80x80x160.   I am thinking that a 400w MH bulb would be better than the HPS bulb I am using atm.   So are the cheaper generic MH bulbs worse than the brand named ones?   If so can you recommend me a 400w MH bulb please?   Edit. Btw can't afford to go the 315w CMH route atm
    • skidmarx
      I was looking for how home cultivation is dealt with around the EU.  I found this little  article on spain. I particularly like sensible amounts considered for personal consumption  https://www.google.com/amp/s/elpais.com/elpais/2019/08/02/inenglish/1564770881_597366.amp.html Children in one room, cannabis in the other: The changing face of Spain’s marijuana trade.   Growing a few marijuana plants in a private home can easily go unnoticed. With a little care, there’s no smell or noise to give the game away. And for those who are careful, it is easy money. The growers are not involved in drying the product or in its distribution. That is left to large organizations which pay a wage of between €600 and €1,000 a month for the harvested cannabis. This trend is spreading across the southern Spanish province of Málaga and is blind to sex, age, family situation or social standing, according to the police. “The profile is that there is no profile,” says one officer specializing in the fight against marijuana. The neighboring province of Granada has long been considered the capital of marijuana in Spain. But Málaga is catching up. In 2018, the Civil Guard and the national police seized almost 3.5 tons of cannabis in the province, more than double the haul in 2017, a year in which 34.5 tons were seized across Spain, according to the Interior Ministry. The penalties for growing marijuana are not that severe. Possessing less than 10 kilos carries a sentence of between one and two years, and many of those who fall into this category have avoided prison time by arguing that it was for their own use. This has made it easier for an increasing number of people to produce marijuana on a small scale. Many growers were once dealers and have made the switch because it is less risky – there is a much higher likelihood of being arrested on the street than in a private home. ..   “There are people who have a good steady job, but this allows them to buy extras,” explain police sources, an observation shared by a lawyer whose client has a fruit shop. “He made more money from the plants than from his business,” he says.   Officers have caught all kinds of people growing marijuana: married couples with children who keep cannabis plants in the spare bedroom, upper-class youngsters and families living in disadvantaged areas. All are looking for some extra cash.    “There are more police raids now,” says Francisco Javier Molina, deputy inspector of the local polices investigation and protection department. The places where cannabis is grown are also varied. Others use abandoned warehouses and squatter homes as well as rural properties, particularly in the hills around Ronda – just over a month ago, the police raided a greenhouse in this area with 1,607 plants. Then there was the disused restaurant in Periana, whose owners were more interested in growing marijuana than serving food.    
    • Arthur Mix
      @Intense Nutrients Matt It certainly is flavourful and a nice high , shame I smoked it all  
    • Oldbear
      That's what a commercial market does, adds layers  of middlemen and taxes then, presto 500% mark up and on the shelf.