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      Few dry shots ...she's got that posh gelato taste/smell with hints of fuel/cheese  now   ..
    • blazeee
      @BarrySHitPeas   I had recently taken in some clones around a month ago and had the same issues as you have posted in your pics on the first page.   1 strain was initially affected, first it was slightly mutated growth, bits missing, leaf twists, extreme curl, then followed the bumps / dimples / blisters on the leaves. There was also a noticeable slow down in growth. After that the plants had started to yellow up, starting to lock out looking like a cal mag deficiency, then came the leaf clawing. They went from looking healthy to death bed within the space of 7-10 days.   I culled the first 2 plants and let the rest continue for a few more days. I started to notice more early signs of damage, the dimples / blisters occurring on other plants i the vicinity   At this point I heavily defoliated everything I had left in the tent, then sprayed down with abamectin.    After spraying abamectin, i noticed an increase in growth and vigour, the plants started to green back up. However a few days later I was noticing fresh signs of damage occurring on my previously unaffected plants at the other side of the tent.   I am confident that the issue at hand is broadmites, well atleast in my case, through the clones that I had recieved, as my mothers had never previously exhibited any of these signs of growth etc.   Your pics look like a perfect example of what happened to my plants, unfortunately i wasnt sticking around to take pics.   What preventative measures have you taken to clean and sterilize your room before you started these seeds, did you just use the bug bomb and bleach to clean the tent. What about your pots did you also and sterilise them, if so how thoroughly?
      I have binned all my mothers except for 2 and have cleared out all the pots and trays. My plan is to bin the, pots trays and start fresh. Im debating binning the tent, I also plan to do a heavy clean on the room the tent was in. Luckily I have some spare equipment and genetics backed up.   With regards to the 2 remaining mothers they are still in the tent, they are only small in 3l pots atm though. I plan to spray them every 2-3 days rotating treatments. I have plant vitality (abamectin) , spinosad and neem oil, although it will mainly be the plant vitality doing all the work. I also plan to isolate them soon and remove them from the tent before i start to thoroughly clean it out, although I may just bin it and start fresh. However I definately plan on deep cleaning, and bleaching dow the roo the tent was in incase any eggs are still knocking about outside the tent.   I will update how i get on and also interested to hear others opinions.    
    • highway_017
    • UKsFinest
      Hi mate congrats on convincing the missus only recently done the same , what is the budget for the lights and will electricity bill be an issue? I have seen some great final results from CMH it produces some lovely buds. Also HPS or some decent full spectrum LEDs not too sure for your size area what to recommend but would be interested in seeing a diary when you get started.   Welcome to the forum!