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    • irwit
      Hi all,  I just read the following reply in here about growing in soil.       " Remember bugs and root rot are public enemy No1 so I'd recommend an enzyme product to break down dead root mass... And keep a watchful eye on potential bugs... Best to keep us updated. " Is there anything more specific I can look into for this issue?    I'm starting my first grow next week following this guide and this isn't mentioned as an issue to look out for? https://www.reddit.com/r/Autoflowers/comments/20b591/a_simple_guide_to_growing_autoflowers_in_soil/
    • Slippy One
      Wait, they think the uk gov gives a fuck?  
    • JimmyPage
      I bet these cunts kept their heads well down when and while stoners were calling for a change in the law ? And even now they aren't wanting anything more than their piece of the cash pie - and fuck the stoners.   Well fuck 'em. Maybe they should grow their "hemp" anyway, and see what happens.   Sorry but I'm too old to be nice anymore.
    • JimmyPage
      When I was growing up, I naively thought I lived in "Britain" - pretty much a country.   Then I realised that Scotland, Wales and Ireland had their own "thing" as different countries, and that "England" was pretty much all the same.   Now I'm just awaiting the sweet release of death, I've seen that you can almost - almost but not quite - say that evert county in England has its own thing going on. And by God, the West Country is it's own. Many years ago, on holiday, MrsJP and I were driving around aimlessly and decided to stop for lunch at the first town we drove through, which was Torrington. And to this day I can't explain it, but she said it had a weird and really unpleasant vibe, and I could tell what she meant. Ugh.   I'm a city boy, sorry.