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    • Dirk_Diggler147
      @Joint hoggerI know this is an old thread but did you go ahead with this in the end?   The reason I am asking is I have just discovered that my plants roots have made it into the Wilma res and I dont have any airstones in there so I am a little worried that it might lead to issues.   Looks like the main way to convert the wilma into DWC is to drill holes in the pots and the top of the wilma. Not sure this would work though as it would stop the pots holding the clay pebbles. Any other ways to convert?   Thanks
    • mmmm...nice!
    • Ccs141
      @Exile420 look.major don't they 
    • HullFeltMashematician
      20 plants with 250L each sounds better to me
        The main concern is; could adding too much of this acidic topsoil cause ph related deficiencies? How long would it take on average for the ph of a mix like this to balance out on its own?   It's a mammoth task to make beds, I know. But with all the soil and manure being free, and all the spare time I have at the moment, the only thing in my way is how out of shape I am after a winter of eating and drinking. The last 3 visits I have walked away feeling like I've just summited Everest