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    • Poisonata
      Sadly afraid it does need to be constant. I'm a great believer in permanent good circulation / movement within tent not only promotes plant growth but reduces / inhibits many potential problems and assists plants dealing with less than ideal humidity / temperatures. Your OX turbo extractor kit, can you post pictures of new set up including position fan / ducting / tent and how extracted air dealt with. Generally speaking if the air draw isn't too much for diameter ducting to handle (no whoosing air sound) then really it's all down to fan noise. Distinct advantage using oversized extraction is never run at more than 50% capacity, duct diameter deals easily with demands air with little noise generation. Consider before buying insulated ducting cut up an old duvet / wrap duct up to see if any discernible noise reduction is achieved prior to any purchase.
    • bluntz27
    • The Sheriff of Nottingham
      Nothing major mate, just had old bill sniffing around a few months back. I won't go into detail, but basically I've had to tread very carefully this year. I almost didn't bother with a grow this season. In fact I was telling myself back in March, that I'm 100% not going to do an outdoor grow this year. But it got round to about late April and I thought "nah, fuck it. I'm growing something". Like I couldn't resist. Pretty sure a lot of others have been in that situation .   I'm still treading lightly though. I've only got the 4 autos and 3 FV/early's this year, so 7 plants in total. Nothing major on my end. The few plants that I am doing have all performed though and grown really well this year, despite the poor weather and the mould pandemic this summer. I have been growing autos for 4 years now and this has been the worst summer IMO, certainly for mould. But it hasn't stopped me cropping decent amounts from the autos. I never would have managed that in my first year, under the same poor summer conditions. Experience is everything in this game. I believe that more than ever now. I'm just glad I didn't miss a year out GG and kept this cycle going.    And I get what you're saying about different characters building an atmosphere on the forums. I wish I could say that I enjoy playing into this character complex, but I genuinely just want to keep my head down in all honesty. Like no hassle and all.  
    • Top Shotta
      Karma seeds have a Fruity Pebbles OG x Mandarina
      I might check them out