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    • twigs
      yes dude   the size of the filter isn’t relevant as long as the air is sucked through it will get cleaned   some filters are better than others though, mountain air filters have constantly been amazing
    • calif123
      Hi Chaps,   I've seen many questions regarding filters and fans but have not managed to make sense enough to answer a question i have regarding the sizes.   If I have a fan with 800m3/hr, what are the effects of oversizing the filter (eg 1200m3.hr)? I assume that it would offer less resistance, and therefore more efficient airflow through the system, but my question is whether the carbon filter, in order to filter odours properly, would need air to flow over them at the rated speed or is it just a max flow figure? eg is it safe (odour wise) to run air at less than the rated figure as specified for the filter?   Cheers as always!
    • Poisonata
      So just to clarify a RCD only trips when the returning current is less than the outgoing current in event of earthing of the live due to a fault. Essentially prevents operation of faulty electrical devices and / or electrocution. So for this reason it would offer no protection in the event of a voltage spike (power surge). Modern consumer units now by law I believe are required to have RCDs, the old style fuse wire essentially only has MCBs. So from a safety point of view this is a good plan but it is important to note no power surge protection is offered. A surge protection device attempts to divert (earth) or block excess voltage to a device. All modern electrical devices are capable of dealing with minimal voltage fluctuations 230 volts +/- 10% (even though we all still say 240 volts) so you'd be extremely unlucky if a device was damaged by a voltage spike. 
    • frankie-smiles
      They think it will be a walk over, they always pick the weakest victims. Being stupid as fuck and desperate is a bad combo. They convince themselves it'll all be fine till it's not. People who do these things live in a funny bubble, that is why they do these things. What they are doing doesn't really sink in.