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New World - Europe - Asia - Africa

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    • Sweet Seeds-tommy
      Cheers mates!   Thanks for the photos and feedback. I'm also enjoying some flowers of this beauty right now and the aromas and effect are great   Sweet smokes!   tommy
    • Gumbo
      Sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations,but in my opinion it is nearly always a truism that 'what doesn't kill me makes me stronger'.I've checked out the first 1 minute of the first of those videos and the voices aren't patronising ,whiny or using a rising inflection at the end of each sentence as so many yank narrated documentaries use so I will follow through and watch a whole episode when time permits.   Aquaponics seems to me to be only heading one way into massive growth as a ,hopefully, sustainable,ethical and environmentally friendly industry so I find it totally fascinating with stories such as this one offering hope in a world of polluted and toxic food supplies where only the wealthy can afford 'clean' food   https://youtu.be/jV9CCxdkOng   I wish luck with your health,at least you are back where healthcare is free and,despite what many think,still world leading,take care.   Gumbo.
    • stu914
      DIY silencer will cut most of it..google 'diy silencer uk420' to give you some ideas, I use one which works really well, cost virtually nothing...
    • jadenugs
      Wow man, I worked that out as 1.3g/w if your led is 550w. Am I right? More if your led draws less. Phenominal result dude, congrats   That purple New looks tasty in that grinder.