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      I can’t really get on with my Tinymight so far and it’s sat untouched, after a couple of week’s use, on my vape shelf next to an unused Volcano and VapeXhale.  @zeroG Your battery issue problem doesn’t encourage me to get back on it out and about on my winter gardening jobs neither.  I found it a right old messy rigmarole loading and cleaning out each bowl.  Also I got a metallic/electronic tinge to my TM when I drew on it hard, and it reminds me of a similar taste I used to get from the Magic Flight Launch Tube(?) if you toked too hard...Stopped using it for the same reason.  The stink of Danish oil from the wooden body puts me off too, sure, it’ll probably burn off... Never say never but for now mine’s a museum piece sat on my glass shelf in my super secret ultra discreet cannabis closet.    Gone back to my faff-free Mighty and its dosing capsules system, @bartman sat on my sofa or tucked in somewhere tight out and about for a crafty toke, it suits me indoors and out.  @Smokebelch tempting me with a new Stick Brix Maxx, still looks like a little bit of a hassle to clean maintain, and definitely desktop only by the looks...   Side note: sure most will agree that these devices are double or triple the price they should be in most cases. Greedy profiteering bastards even before our beloved cannabis is legalised and regulated. 
        NORMAILSE!  Up the PFNC!