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Strain Base Download

Download the Original Strainbase Here.

New World - Europe - Asia - Africa

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    • Military Grade
      You bring the hope
    • HazyDaze
      Thanks for the feedback @CannaKay i'm also enjoying chonging on her. This one I'm chonging on at the moment is a lovely  strong savoury  old  skool smoke.  Like you say, she's a very strong smoke  (SSH x PsychoSister) x Honeybadger.   
    • pepe16
      The toolzy would be cheaper to run than the rvk as it has an ec motor. Fk knows what that is, but it doesn't eat watts/volts/amps or as I like to call it, plain old electricity,  as much as the ac motor the rvk has.   New technology, to me anyway.  I've got the 4 and 6 inch ac infinity, and compared to a 6" rhino, and a swiftair (cheapy but works, loud) 4" intake,  they're Seriously quiet.   
    • stonerwizard
      Here’s a pic of the root growth at the top of my pots    You can see there’s sort of a web of roots formed around the dripper. This is the pot that’s repeatedly had roots growing out of the side of the pot. 
      I like these pots as you get what I call a root sponge as the grow weblike inside. I can’t wait to see what they look like when I crop them. 
        I have only had the odd issue here and there. Normally my own fault. One was letting the res run out and then over compensating when I bleed the system. The other was when I linked a drip line and starved a pot of feed. I turned the tap to let it run into the pot. Went for a smoke and forgot about it  they just sat in a paddling pool for a few hours and humidity was at 70% for a short while. 
        They by no means fool proof but once you find the sweet spot they are good.