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    • craigfjyp
      probably find out later on today or tomorrow..... 
    • MicroDoser
      ProTip : To silence air stones, take 2x100ml (or larger) syringes, remove both plungers and discard the plungers. Then silicon seal the two flat ends of the tubes together, let dry for 24 hours. Then put it in the middle of your air line with air line tubing on both 'nipples'   This will act like a little expansion chamber stopping the pressure waves from the pump which make your air stones vibrate on the floor.
    • GreengoStarr
      Does anyone remember this interview?     The Wikipedia article on Flight 93 provides the standard account, and fails even so much as just to mention the Vice President’a assertion and explanation that he provided on national TV at the time of the 9/11 events. So: I edited the Wikipedia article by adding a sentence at the end of its opening paragraph, and by following that sentence with a brief second paragraph, and here is that entire two-sentence addition: Vice President Dick Cheney alleged that he gave the order to shoot down Flight 93, and explained why when asked about it by Chris Wallace of Fox News as shown in this film-clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vV3fjfeb9Q&list=PLOg2tzhKRd4j-yNHID9_Ru3MWe-VwwCxl&index=4 Consequently, the account given below of what brought the plane down — an account inconsistent with what Cheney said — could be entirely false. On the web browser that I was using, the addition showed as having been successfully made in the Wikipedia article. However, to be sure, I opened the URL in a different browser, and this time my addition was absent. I then went back to the “Edit” page” and this time to the “View history” page, and clicked there on “(talk)” and found this message, which I saw virtually immediately after I had thought that I had inserted the new information: Hello, I’m Shellwood. I wanted to let you know that I reverted one of your recent contributions —specifically this edit to United Airlines Flight 93— because it did not appear constructive. No other explanation for blocking my addition was provided. “Shellwood” was there saying that mentioning, and linking to the video of Cheney saying, that allegation, which Cheney made on 9/11 about how Flight 93 came down, is not “constructive” to Wikipedia-readers who want information about Flight 93. Previously, even the BBC published the fact that Wikipedia is edited by the CIA. http://washingtonsblog.com/2018/04/how-wikipedia-lies.html
    • DarkKnight1
      this threads dope asf    i have been wanting to start making bread myself and think it time after viewing this thread plus i haven't brought/ate bread from store in over 3 months now! i miss those sandwiches you make that hold you down till you have that proper meal!