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    • ratdog
      the only thing that has failed in the last few years in a maxibright 4 gang timer, but that was about 8 yo, i rate maxibright stuff
    • M Pamplemousse
      I'd go with @ratdog suggested brands..... 
    • Golf274
      @Inspiration101   Thanks for the response, I’ve attached some pictures there for you to look at. Apologies if my photography skills aren’t the best!!   I’ve spoke to countless people about the leaf issue and no one seems to have a resolution, I’ve flushed her twice, checked ppm, checked ph, debugged her... every possible thing I’ve checked. I came to the conclusion she had nute lockout but my fix was too late so she never fully recovered... but I don’t know!   Funny thing is the plant next to her (last picture) is the exact same seed type and only difference is that she’s in biobizz all mix, and the fucked one is in light mix - which is recommended for autos.   ill have a look into photos next time.
    • Inspiration101
      Looking at those photos I see you uploading I would give it one more week with absolutely minimal watering.