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    • HullFeltMashematician
      At the beginning of this season I had 20 odd girls in the root trainers sitting against the south facing wall of my house in the garden on a chair.   The garden gate was left unlocked one day and what d’ya know, the postman delivered a parcel and decided he’d let himself in the back gate to drop it off as nobody was in. He left the parcel leaning up against the leg of the chair that the root trainers were sat on; I guess he was trying to tell me he’d seen the ladies eh!?   Well, paranoia set in but I held my nerve and just locked the gate.. I went through every possible scenario in my head and decided he wasn’t coming back; if he wanted them he’d have taken them then and there. After 48hrs passed I was pretty confident he hadn’t sold me in to the old bill, they’d likely have showed up already IMO considering where I live and whatnot..    Was a right ol’ scare though, he could have easily just picked up the root trainers that contained £100 worth of seeds, popped them in his van, drove a half mile down the road to a back road and stashed them up ready for collection once he was off shift.    Hey ho, you live and you learn, and sometimes you get lucky! Look at those ladies now!    I like to think he knew exactly what they were and dined out on that delivery story for some time over the following weeks. He may have even had a better setup himself.. Maybe he left the parcel next to them like he did as a way of saying “look mate, don’t leave your fucking gate open while you’re propagating cannabis seedlings in your garden, you numpty.. You’re welcome!” 
    • iShouldCoCo
      Try searching for "distill" or "distillation" rather than "still"?
    • FatBoy77
      Flushing in soil is a bad idea dude.  Flushing is what you do when you have to, I wouldn't be using it as a preventative measure, I'd be feeding less so i don't have to flush.
    • pmt666
      Cheers for that, I did search! But came back with 0 results.. I just searched for still..  I’ll have another look..