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    • Absurdist
      Hi Folks   I have grown without producing anything more than the very occasional seed for 16 years.   But my last three grows have been almost fully seeded and good only for oil.   The first two were fem seeds from a new to me breeder, and because I had not changed my set up at all, I was inclined to blame the genetics.   But my last grow was used tried and tested fem seeds that I had grown without any significant hermit issues, maybe 2 seeds per plant, that kind of thing.   They came back very heavily seeded, so this tells me that I have an issue somewhere that I need to find and fix.   Please help me with my list to make sure I catch everything!   1. Check for light leaks by climbing inside box   2. Check or replace the heavy duty timer - any ideas on how to check without sitting watching it for 24 hrs?   3. I have a strange issue whereby sometimes, when I switch on the flourescent tube light in my outbuilding, my 315 W CMH cuts out, waits to cool, then fires up again. But it has always done that and there weren't hermies before. I could replace the tube light with an LED just in case the light interruptions are stressing the plants.   4. Light stress? The box has low head room, and I have struggled to keep these last 3 grows away from the light. But this is nothing new.     Cheers A
    • Greenfingers420uk
      Just a simple worm cast tea can do wonders for sick plants.
    • DutchFox
      there are instruments where you plug in the user-apparat...and you see the actual wattage of the user...   they are abt 20 or 30 euro...
    • ratdog