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    • Caly
      Coco/perlite 80/20
    • Revive
      Thanks bro.. love and dedication to the cause are the all important ingredients that bring most of my success mate.. trying to replicate the ways of mother nature seems to be the best way to go 
    • hash72
      i told my wifes nurses and doctor she was using cannabis, all agreed it was benificial to her, i told my doctor i use cannabis and hope its now in my medical record.
    • anarchycamp
      Easy bud, I don't have one* but I'm sure the v2 has inputs for both ec and ac fans ready to go! Just plug them in the right one. There will be two extra sockets for humidifiers/heaters etc Don't go over the wattage(which will be high anyway) but that should be hard with an ec fan, worth checking your ac fan. Few people use them here will pop up though.   *checked them out when I was looking for a controller