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    • Revive
      They charge £20 round here when they got no nashers... apparently it increases the sensation
    • Minion00
      @Revive    I mean I hear you but them are the rules apparently!! will get my diary going soon how is you’re preparation going? 
        not liberty’s in particular they are very hard to near impossible to cultivate
    • Bud Buddy
      @Ethelene Fresh a friend of mine from your side of the pond is a strict rain water user, but he's on another site and he's thing about switching to RO.   He basically starts out at zero ppm's and builds from there.   Are you able to buy a portable RO system for your  faucet? They start around 100.00 USD.   Keep on smiling,   BB    
    • Larry Badgeley
      Fiery Jerk Chicken ( my mates home made burner) this evening with a bowl of chips. Mayo on the side. Usual Friday relaxers of smokes and wine.