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    • cappilio
      like i said before you can be as paranoid as you like whatever suits, i tend ot be realistic. if your overly paranoid, why bother using a phone at all? smtp server as i said can be anywhere so you could easily have the configured to mail an obsecure email address anywhere on the net.   you dont have to add that to your phone, you could just visit the web based email whenever you was required to do so   if you did that via vpn with no log policy not really any chances of police.   also with police at least here in the UK, you would have to hand them your phone powered on.   if i ever get caught my phone is off and i forgot the pin.....good luck cracking that   the resources required would simply out weigh the public interest of the case   our proescutors dont even bother sending people to court unless the case is air tight.... far too many if's with GG in the uk. but as i said how paranoid do you wan to be.   the cameras also do FTP upload, so you could go that way
    • andry131
      But if u makin somthing big u must have some safe phone . For me its too riski to recive photos from the plot like its nothin. Police aint that stupid like u think,trust me.
    • Subutai
      Can you remove it from the tent and then take a pic of one of them under natural light?   I also grow in soil, but use Biobizz grow, algamic and bloom, these are organic and much easier to use then compost teas etc... imo
    • cappilio
      Why not, for me getting an email to my phone is exactly the same as getting an MMS with the exception of a different notification sound.    It's still sending the image within a second of capture