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    • Surfer Joe
      I have noticed that when I mix nutes for a bubble bucket using canna aqua nutes, the solution is cloudy and has little solid particles that seem to have precipitated out of the solution.  I fill a bucket with tap water and let it sit for a few days getting to the correct temperature with an aquarium heater, then I mix in the canna aqua nutes following their guide plus some calmag and vitamins. I let that sit for a couple of days and then when I go to set the pH before switching nute buckets, I see that it's become cloudy and has floating particles. But as I start to use pH down (my nute and tap water mix is usually about 7.5 pH before adjusting) to get the solution to pH 5.5, I see that the solution stops being cloudy and the particles dissolve again so that the nute solution looks clear and clean. I wonder what causes it to do that?
    • smokinggolden
      Stick it to 'em! Shame on the evil fuckers acting as government informants to get an elderly man of good character suffering from kidney failure jailed for effectively medicating untaxed.   And I wonder what his GP prescribed him? Did the doctor refer him to a private clinic where he will have to pay £180/month + initial consultation? Or to an NHS pain clinic for the NHS to prescribe flower on a normal prescription?  
    • Greenthumbgardener
      Sorry to hear of your brothers diagnosis both these books would be a great starting point in my opinion.    Rick Simpson Oil - Nature's Answer for Cancer   Written by Rick Simpson pioneer in his area of cannabis oil (aka Rso Oil) as cure for a variety of ailments including cancer. Plenty of sources online  to buy or you can usually find a free pdf. He does have his own website aswell.      Medical Cannabis Guidebook, The: The Definitive Guide to Using and Growing Medicinal Marijuana Jeff Ditchfield    Great informative book with lots of pictures and clear easy to understand instructions for making your own cannabis oil.      Also I would do your own esearch into alkaline foods and how this could be beneficial to your situation.    As @Lostlew mentioned Rso / Rick Simpson oil is where you want to concentrate your research books and online.    LES BROWN the motivational speaker was once diagnosed with terminal cancer. He just decided that the doctors ability to help had terminated and went on to live past the doctors short term prognosis. He is great resource for keeping a positive mentality.       
    • Joint hogger
      Use a cheap £10 4 part grinder for years but treated myself to a Kannistor, good grinder but its not as good as old faithful.