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    • Amarillo slim
      Hindu kush is a fast photoperiod, but thats a world away from the UEL mother I have which goes into flower under 24hours of light the moment it fills a pot. Plenty of examples of varieties that are best described by the term semi-auto. Moroccan, lebanese or highland nepalese landraces, mighty mite derivatives, lot of the danish stuff (think Hybrids from hell) Auto offie etc.. All semi autoflowering, but not autoflower hybrids, or simply fast photoperiods.  The term has been in use long before 'super auto' or 'fast versions', and isn't the same as either.  
    • Ecto
      Hey, starting to plan my harvest approach, I’m a way off but like to be prepared, is there any links on here that have some useful info on harvest tips etc, thought I’d ask before I go digging 
    • Ned The Head
      I christen thee….Marley    Good shout on the extra capsules and cooling unit. 
    • Military Grade
      " 9,000 Britons now take cannabis on prescription for medical conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety and PTSD "   Stick a couple extra zero's onto the end of that number and that's how many people are still in need of it.