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      he is not saying you need calmag,  and there is no such thing as a calmag deficiency    you need to check your water report for calcium and magnesium levels    your plants look good and healthy and dont appear to have any excesses or deficiencies but you can look closer than me. Forget about the ph unless they look "sickly" - lock that ph pen in the cupboard, out of way.  
    • lildaveham
      Once it’s formed into a ball try wrapping it in some cellophane as tight as possible and seal it for the cure.
        Also a drop of water should help bring the powder back to a solid mass then work it for a little in your hands so it becomes soft and malleable then wrap it for a cure. 
      As you are using a trim bin that is 150 microns iirc you will get some plant material this may be why it’s turning to dust again after a dry.  
        Visual example…..  
    • Hashslag
      Five hundred quid for a tent? Jesus Christ. You could build something tailored to your own needs for a fraction of that, I'm sure.
    • Flamedodger
      Line it with some general purpose thermawrap insulation, it’s supposed to be as good as 15mm PIR. £18 for 7.5m x 0.6m from the station of tools