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    • Purpleworkle
      Thanks JJJ, i also just found a great thread in here on it. Very simple and obviously my garden would be much better off with it installed! Tbh though i got roots air pruning from the drainage holes in 18ltr pots using my noob method, now im hoping this autofeed will help a little more!. Thanks all.
    • Dodgee
      Your as likely to find a decent blue cheese pheno in a packet of smottie as any where else I reckon..?   2p only obvs    I've not done Dinafems blue cheese but I've done nearly the rest of the catalogue and only ever had good results, I can't see you going far wrong with their beans either way bro
    • HVACman
      Some great info here, especially to do with recommended parameters, for air/ water etc.   Keep it coming.
    • *DJ*
      It was one of the first side by side grows i did, barneys and foddha, they both turned out alright from what i remember, they were more or less the same, anyways, i dont think iv read a positive about either sinse  so there out,    Iv been browsing, the tud and came across a offering from dinafem, so, my question is... has anyone had good results with this strain? Is it a proper fruity blue cheese?    Cheers... dj......