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    • lightningshredder
      Hi! Its fully possible to start them outside in may but its good to protect them from mice and such who love to eat the seedlings. You also need to protect the seedlings from heavy rainfall as they dont like cold damp soil. 
      This year I will do both, but the majority of my plants will be started outside in clear plastic boxes.. the ones you buy to store things in. I will just drill some holes at the top of the boxes and then put the lid on. I use square pots the ones that are about a litre in size and just plant the seeds in some peat-compost mix. This way they are well protected from wildlife and weather and get a little greenhouse to get a good start!
      Hope this helped.. cheers!
    • Fry
      Not for GW Pharma it ain't, and that's what matters here I reckon.
    • Sal81
      it's the same picture of 1 week ago !!!
    • vince noir rock n roll star
      again zero context ..so suspect ai .amd baddd photoshopping