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    • tokenroll
      It's uk420.com there is always some weird shit but good shit happening lol. Congrats well deserved. Toke...
    • Dov1
      @Flamedodger it seems to be the common idea that it impacts the autoa negitivley ill save lollipopping for when i try photos one day.    Yeah could have been your air flow or high humidity for the rot, if i notice humidity about 70+ near the end and cant get it down any other way ill trim to stop as much aspiration (these are just my ideas from what ive researched, its all experimental till ive got a few grows under my belt!)  
    • SYZYGY
      That's officially the first time I've ever won a competition (and I didn't even know I was in one )   Thanks @HSO-Mark, cheered me right up that did. Glad you liked the photos man    Congrats @Amo and @Smokebelch - both gorgeous plants and photos. Keep up the good work 
    • Flamedodger
      I trimmed one of my autos and she just kept vegging while the other two plants started flowering. I thought that was down to me trimming, on reflection I think was genetics. So after that I never trimmed either the royal dwarf or the northern lights and both are thick with larf and underdeveloped buds. I found budrot in the NL last week in the biggest bud, fortunately confined to a couple of stems, they’re flushing now and ready to crop in a couple of days.
      I’m sure the budrot was down to poor airflow through the buds. I wished I had trimmed her now. Keep that in mind, I think it makes flowering time longer, I’ve trimmed both outdoor autos and they are both fine. 
      Im not trying to give you advice, I’m a proper noob with indoor growing, just my first grow experience,  Good luck and happy growing