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    • Muppet
      Sounds like you want a 100% indica, a nice afghani. 
    • thickstalks
      im looking for a seed strain for sleep,a strain that just puts you down and out...any suggestions?
    • The Budmyster
      don't think this will be  light issues, at 600watt id expect at least 15oz out of 5 plants on a bad day, should be looking at 20ish oz normally.   how big is the drop in temp between night and day or lights on lights off, too much variation stresses the plant and the cold can stop them in there tracks,  
    • MicroDoser
      Is not something I have experienced, and I have not flushed for decades. Mind you, I do not give anything except food at the right PH and strength to my plants and I cure my buds. I suspect those little fireworks are caused either by not curing at all (possibly in combination with drying too fast) or by some additive or foliar spray.   When was the last time you experienced it? And what was the source of that weed? How was it dried/cured? And what was it fed? were there any foliar sprays?   I suspect the answers to those questions would point us in the direction of why it burned like that.   If you note what I am saying though, I am not saying that doing a light cure at the end of your grow cycle does nothing, I am saying what it does is nothing more than you can get with a cure after cutting.     This seems to be the course of action the research suggests. The benefit is you save a small amount of money on nutrients and you do not lose or gain any yield or quality. You get a head start on curing as well. Personally, I always have some nutrient wastage at the end of a cycle so whether I stopped feeding or not, I would not save any nutrients. I also prefer to cure in darkness as this converts the minimum amount of THC to CBN.   To get back on topic and answer the question of "When should I stop feeding?"   I would give the answer : it does not matter.