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The place to post about everything green: Spliffs, bongs, Vapes, pics & more.

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    • bongme
      hi   vid on link   Teagan Appleby who suffered up to 300 seizures a day has been had life transformed after taking cannabis oil   An eight-year-old girl who suffers from epilepsy has been given a new lease of life after she was treated with cannabis oil. Teagan Appleby, from Aylesham, near Dover, had endured up to 300 seizures a day before taking her new medication and required life-saving treatment five times in an eight-day period over the summer. She has not had a daytime seizure since she was treated with cannabis oil after the government changed the law.   Her mother Emma is among those who have battled for the legalisation of new medicines but says there are still many treatments out there which could make a huge difference to families like hers.   https://www.kentonline.co.uk/dover/news/girls-life-transformed-after-cannabis-treatment-195599/   1 comment   Bongme  
    • jadenugs
      Hi folk   The girls have been potted up so it's time for an overdue update, my laptop has been playing up so I apologise for the late update.   My fabric propagation pots weren't due til Monday but came early on Saturday so I half filled them with a mix of 1/4 Canna coco pro+ and 3/4 Clover multi purpose compost, then dampened them with a seaweed solution of 2ml/L and put them in the cab for 24 hours to warm up. I also put enough of this mix to top up the the pots, separately in a plastic bag to warm up in there.
      I wanted to get 2L fabric prop pots so I could root them out well and go straight to 12L fabric final pots but I couldn't get hold of the proper ones and didn't want to settle for copies that might not allow the roots to grow through when transplanted. So back to my options in my original post, I will root these out for a couple of weeks and pot into 6L plastic square pots, root them out, then into the final 12L fabrics. I might even drill holes in the 6L and make them into air pots. I've not tried this before.   My current grow that is nearly finished has been the first time I've mixed coco with compost and I've had problems with feeds, especially with the K in the coco robbing Mg from the compost (I think)
      I was wary of using it again for this grow but I've had a good result, in that the benefit for the roots far outweighs the problems I've had learning the extra feed requirements. So I'm gonna risk using it again this grow and hopefully I will have learnt enough from my last effort, to get it right this time. If not, it will still be a learning curve for me and make the diary more interesting. Wish me luck
      The last grow I mixed 1/3rd coco so this time I'm mixing 1/4 to give myself a bit of leeway, and experience in learning how the mediums react together.   So on Sunday the girls were 13 days old and the roots weren't in abundance but there were enough to pot on. This is where the little nursery bags come in handy The temps before potting up were lows of 21C and highs of 29C, sitting at 27.
      Root temps were 23-25 and sitting at 25C.
      Humidity was 34-49 and sitting at 35%. After wetting the sand this went up to 49%.
      I've been dialing the thermostat up and down in my rad box and the panel is now 24" above the plant tops and set at full wattage. I'll keep it at that and just dial the rad and the prop base from now on. The prop base is turned right up full and will probably stay there.
      The last feed up until this point had been 75ml containing 1ml/L fishmix and 1.5ml/L seaweed and this had lasted them 2 days.   Here are the girls before I potted them up, looking a bit thirsty as they were due their next watering. I'm pleased that they are all growing at more or less the same rate and I'll be hoping for a nice even canopy come flowering time. I'll be topping and training them anyway.
      Crystal Candy FV
      Here you can see a mixture of Ca and Mg deficiency which must have been caused with the low root temps as I was dialling in, because my water has an average of 99ml/L Ca and 24mg/L Mg so is quite hard water. Apparently this is a good ratio of 4:1 Ca/Mg but still, it is a bit hard for my liking. No wonder I've struggled over the years. The compost I started them off in was over a year old as well, so this may have contributed to the problem here.
      Anyway, as a precaution they had had a couple of foliar feeds of Epsom salts to give Mg direct to the leaves prior to this update.   The roots can be seen here poking through the nursery bag and drying up, resulting in pruning themselves. It's difficult to see if there's a good mycorrhiza population here but when I pot up from their 6L plastics to their finals I'll try and get some good close ups of the roots. They were excellent on my last grow, this MycorrMax is good stuff
      Cream 47
      This is my favourite plant so far, a nice healthy green with no problems from the low temp spell they experienced. Just starting to look a little hungry for N on the bottom leaves.
      The roots are slightly less developed than the CCFV
      Green Poison CBD
      Only slightly affected by the earlier low root temps. She is still producing crinkly leaves but I don't see it as a problem and I think she'll grow out of it. If not, she's still healthy enough and growing well. Nice close internodes and the main stem is fattening up nicely.
      The strongest root system out of them all so far
      Sweet Pure CBD
      Turning into a nice stocky broad leafed indica looking plant but she's took a little stretch to catch the GPcbd up. You can see where the low temp problem was resolved and it never progressed further than the tips of the 2nd set of leaves. She's a nice shade of green like the Cream 47. The white cable at the bottom is a temp probe, my new thermo/hygrometer arrived with my fabric pots so I'm more in control now
      The root system is coming along ok so no problems there.
      Here's the pots after their 24 hour warm up, ready with a good sprinkling of MycorrMax. If you've used fabric pots before you can see here that the propagation pots are a lot thinner than the bigger ones so this should allow the roots to grow through freely once they are transplanted to bigger pots. I had read that people had potted up with fabric pots and the roots hadn't grown into the fresh medium so I was worried about using these but by the looks of these there should be no problem. I will allow the roots to prune for 2 weeks and then I'll wrap them in clear bubble wrap. I'm hoping that this will prevent them pruning further, thus allowing some roots to grow through ready to explore the new medium. I'll then remove the bubble wrap and pot on.   And here they are after their pot up. No transplant shock, just the slight drooping they were already experiencing from needing a watering. I watered them in with 100ml each, containing 2ml/L Shropshire seaweed.   I'm pleased with these genetics and their vigor so far. Any problems you see is down to my environment. Thanks for looking.   Happy cultivating and be lucky        
    • itsmeithink
      thank you for the update, do u know jeff and his mission personally? i ask as i might be inclined to donate some high cbd weed to the cause  
    • bartman
      The people who set it up have thought that they may have been a little hasty now. Gofundme for Jeff has been put on hold temporarily until an update from Jeff has been received afaik.