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Creating your own strains

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    • Hugh Jass
      To be honest I''m not that impressed with Brighton, it's more of a shopping place for us. I would carry on up the coast to Worthing, it's a got a small pier, some nice places to eat and drink and is quite up and coming. It has changed from what it used to be. If you like walking there is the Cissbury ring, and chancerbury ring to stoll around, giving wonderful views of the local coutryside. The Cissbury ring even has wild horses at the top. I would then head over to a small village called Steyning in the afternoon and go into the tea rooms opposite the only roundabout, cup of tea and a slice of cake and wander around the village.   If you want to walk the promenade in Worthing park up at the sea lane cafe and walk to the coast cafe, eat at the coast cafe, the food is ok but the atmosphere is great, they even have a DJ there at weekends. It would be a nice morning or a afternnon walk or even take the bicycle if you want.       Whitby is good fun, I would avoid the Goth weekends there though, it gets busy. There are lots of cute shops and the abby ruins to walk around. It can look a bit desolate at times, which I wonder was the inspiration for Bram Stoker, because he wrote Dracula there. Oh and take the steam tain bus thingy, it's only a couple of quid and is great fun young and old alike. too toot!    
    • Simple Jack
      Cannabis farm exposed by Nottinghamshire flooding     Image copyrightNOTTINGHAMSHIRE POLICE Image captionA total of 25 plants worth more than £20,000 were found by police A man has been arrested after a van carrying cannabis plants from a flooded house was intercepted by police. The speeding vehicle was stopped in Welham Road, Retford, Nottinghamshire, at about 22:30 GMT on Sunday. Police said 25 plants with a street value of more than £20,000 were seized. A home in Market Street, Worksop, was searched, with another plant and equipment seized. Worksop was heavily hit by flooding, with residents needing to be rescued from chest-high water. Image captio As well as being used to grow cannabis, the property was also found to be illegally diverting electricity, with the flooded cellar making growing the plants in the upstairs areas dangerous. Nottinghamshire Police said the 26-year-old driver was arrested and has since been released while inquiries continue. Officers are hunting for a second man who was in the van but fled when it was stopped. 'Flushing out criminal activity' Sgt Tony Rungay said the seizure came as a result of "a relatively routine vehicle stop". "The flooding has had a big impact on the town of Worksop, causing misery for a number of families who have had to leave their homes," he said. "However, it appears it has also had the impact of flushing out some criminal activity by halting some large-scale cannabis production."   https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-50430844
    • Exhale
      Haarlem is a nice (quiet) place with plenty of places to eat. The last time I went I paid less than 2 euro for the train from Centraal station.   Centraal is great but for a first time visit you need a game plan of sorts because there's so much there to see.   Have a look online at what takes your interest, it's an easy place to get around and I would suggest a day just for walking and toking, take a boat ride, there's some great building an architecture you don't tend to notice when walking around looking for something specific.   As you're a first timer, watch out for the cyclists. They don't always use bells and they will just run into you, the natives have a quiet dislike of tourists!
    • GreenVision
      @grumpy1  Hi ya mate, I've grown pretty much every method there is and DWC / RDWC is my fav' hydro method.    From what I've read my best advice would be to start off with the basics, just try to get a grow through to the end with some fair to good results before concerning yourself with specific nutrient levels. Of the handful of growers on UK420  I know that use either DWC or RDWC most if not all of them grow really good buds without ever knowing the exact levels of Cal / Mag etc in they're water.   Go with DWC if you haven't done it before, if its possible to us your RO filter mix 50-60% RO water with 40-50% tap water, this should bring your EC down to about 0.2.. Use soft water nutrients and add a good quality Cal/Mag supplement to your res water before adding your base nutrients. As an example, start with 0.2 EC. then bring your EC to 0.4 with just Cal/Mag then go up to 0.7EC with your base nutrients. Then adjust as you go onward's through the growth stages.     The most important thing is your PH, and I cant stress this enough with DWC/ RDWC. You can tailor your water to the PERFECT levels of Macro and Micro nutrients, but if your PH slips out its all been for nothing. As long as there is generally enough nutrients in the water and the PH is spot on as well as water temps being good the plants will grow without any issues.     If you do decide to grow DWC and do a Diary here give me a mention or PM me and I'll be happy to help as best I can.      GV.