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    • Weedeater_za
      Seeing as I have British blood, I'll give this a go... proper English style fish and chips (fried in lard/dripping) is my absolute favourite paired with a good pint of lager. Yorkshire pudding with roast beef as well.
    • KillaChronic
      Only had them once. I stupidly used old bamboo canes for support and the mites came out of them. I bought some predator mites online. This sorted them right out, would definitely do this again in future. Different opinions online as to whether the mites would turn into such a large problem compared to an indoor grow with mites. I wasnt prepared to wait a d risk it though. 
    • Weedeater_za
      No J.A.G. Not that I've seen or heard of but there are tons of undocumented Swaziland sativa phenos and phenos from the other local Swaziland sativa genetics e.g. Swaziland Skunk that vary massively. 
    • Weedeater_za
      Thank you SB!  The owner/breeder for Afropips is dead? Pity seeing as they had some amazing genetics, I think some of which originally came from Africanseeds.com   Pure sativas can be tricky, especially for a first grow; so you're likely much better off trying them now again with plenty added experience. The Swazi pictured above was grown under a Morsen 1800w LED and she seemed to love it.    I have tons of other genetics, most of our local sativas bar Transkei sativa and a pure Durban Poison (undutched), seeing as most of our commercial weed a few years back was seeded. Not so much anymore.