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  1. Cannabis Cookbook

    You want to get high? but you dont smoke? Check out the UK420 Good Food Guide.
  2. Entertainment

    Discuss your favourite TV, Radio, Music, Films and Books here
  3. The Green Room

    The place to post about everything green: Spliffs, bongs, Vapes, pics & more.
  4. Vapour Heads

    Vapourizing hints, tips and discussions.
  5. Coffee Shops

    Got a favourite cafe in the 'dam ? Tell us your coffeeshop experiences here
  6. Politics, Theology, Metaphysics & Philosophy

    Life out of and beyond the box
  7. Conspiracy Theories

    Is this the dawn of "Big Brother" or something far more sinister?

    Conspiracy theories or hard evidence, Post It Here.

  8. Computers, Games and Internet

    Get help and advice from our resident tech-heads

  9. Cannabis Art

    Art Inspired by Cannabis Use.
  10. Tight Lines

    Probably the most laid back, chilled out fishing club on the net

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    • callywally
      As soon as i saw ' everything corey goode says is accurate' i stopped reading, that guy is an obvious fraud.
    • gthang
      The problem with this country is that its built on tradition and no one is willing to go against it. Parliament and the house of Lords is full of stuffy old men and women with their old fashioned ideas that are just not relevant in the 21st century.   Nothing will change until we get some young blood in there that understands the modern world and are willing to adapt to it.   Britain is rapidly getting left behind by the rest of the world in a lot of ways simply because of the old fashioned out dated ideals of the codgers in parliament, the younger generation is far more open to a lot of things these days but they (and us) don't have a voice to express this.   Just the other day Professor Green was on This Morning talking about his new documentary about the legalisation of cannabis, he mentioned that growing up he was exposed to cannabis very early on with the older kids all smoking it, it became a normal thing he said. Within seconds of that the whole conversation was then steered away to the homeless instead, it seems we can't even have a proper conversation about cannabis so legalisation is a very long way off with the current thinking.   I despair of this country and the really bad part is that it's actually getting worse not better.  
    • Phoenix
    • vince noir rock n roll star
      sorry it is from a set of 32 emails posted online just now ..some very interesting private emails   https://ibb.co/fjtTn5