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Smokers Lounge


  1. Cannabis Cookbook

    You want to get high? but you dont smoke? Check out the UK420 Good Food Guide.
  2. Entertainment

    Discuss your favourite TV, Radio, Music, Films and Books here
  3. The Green Room

    The place to post about everything green: Spliffs, bongs, Vapes, pics & more.
  4. Vapour Heads

    Vapourizing hints, tips and discussions.
  5. Coffee Shops

    Got a favourite cafe in the 'dam ? Tell us your coffeeshop experiences here
  6. Politics, Theology, Metaphysics & Philosophy

    Life out of and beyond the box
  7. Conspiracy Theories

    Is this the dawn of "Big Brother" or something far more sinister?

    Conspiracy theories or hard evidence, Post It Here.

  8. Computers, Games and Internet

    Get help and advice from our resident tech-heads

  9. Cannabis Art

    Art Inspired by Cannabis Use.
  10. Tight Lines

    Probably the most laid back, chilled out fishing club on the net

  • Posts

    • stayup4ever
      @panik these green golds really starting to stink now,they smell really tasty..do you have any pics of dry bud shots mate?
    • redbeard
      That's one nice computer! Iv seen some amazing coolers in the far east for gamers, there's a lot of great stuff out there now.
    • Grow Chum
      Cheers grotbags, it has been a good start, seeing signs things need to change a little, the dolomite lime has controlled ph by the looks of the plants general health but now starting to flower strongly I have had to adjust EC of my tap water. Using a Calcium  mono nutrient and some Epson salt. I raised EC from 0.2 to 0.4. Hopefully that will keep them happy.   Sweet Skunk Auto   Sweet Skunk Auto is @ 28 days, she is flowering strong, nice and bushy, no major stretching of any kind under the dual spectrum bulb. Plant is 33cm/13 inches in height and hopefully will remain a short strong flowering plant for rest of grow, She has not been fed as such, but has had extra Calcium and magnesium recently and a top dressing two days ago of fish. blood and bone.   Killer Kush FV   Killer Kush FV are @ 18 days, they are in good health, I will do picture update on weekly points, so next Tuesday @ 21 days.   The Test Seed   The test seed is growing ok, but it most certainly is not a Sativa plant, it is full on Indica, more so the the KK FV. The tips of the first leaves are fat and round like a human finger tip, am guessing its an Afghani or Kush of some sort.   New To MY Grow   I am now using vitamin C to remove chlorine from tap water, I am using 50gm per 10 liters of water. This is an experiment but as it is a known method that works I imagine I will carry on with this process. This water has only been applied to the test seed, with no negative results.    Sweet Skunk Auto @ 28 Days       Grow Chum    
    • Amarillo slim
      i believe the expression is sex on a stick.