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    • Revive
      slugs 4 Revive 0 I just wrote out a big message explaining my latest setback and it has just vanished.. im not having a very good day here so gonna pull the plug this eve, can't be fuking arsed to write that shit out again..lets just say those slimey little bastards have taken another 1 of my girls..so im off to sulk till tomorrow.. its been a very trying day so it can get to fuk, im done with it.. till tomorrow y'all peace 
    • Rustybiff
      What’s good homeslices, hope everyone’s enjoying the summer.. trying every day to remind myself to appreciate being able to wear a t-shirt and sandals while the warmth lasts!   Not loads to report but just a weekly update, nice to see the changes (and lack of change for some unfortunate plants).
      Going to go from oldest to youngest, seems like the easiest way!   So here are the Northern Lights autos, they oldest is starting to get a little frosty but has comically taken on the smell of feet, I hope this will pass smelled pretty good for a few weeks before this point

      and the younger one, a wee bit of lst later. 
      Next the Purple Punch auto, not got high hopes for this little bugger but we’ll see   These are the two Frisian Ducks that I’m trying to mainline. I really regret tampering with them, the whole idea of this strain is that it blends in, but mainlining it is like putting high vis patches on a camo jacket… hopefully by the time I‘m finished it will look a bit shrubby. Still a good while until flowering starts so I’m hopeful! 
        Two quick ones, can anyone tell me if the small one has any chance of catching up? I’m not sure if it’s to do with phenotype or whether it was stunted, though I have a feeling it was stunted judging by the difference
        two blue mystic   two Purple Punch in Dalefoot tomato compost, they were freebies so i popped them a few days ago, one of them got off to a bad start which was definitely avoidable. So far I’ve lost one of every three seeds to impatient interference, an expensive habit I desperately need to break
        cheers guys, that’s all for now! 
    • Arthur Mix
      @zeroG the maxi and lumatek larger units are very different beasts not the same at all . It’s the smaller versions that may be the same. 
    • Revive