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    You want to get high? but you dont smoke? Check out the UK420 Good Food Guide.
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    Probably the most laid back, chilled out fishing club on the net

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    • mrrichiet
    • Tgrow
      My best producer was last years outdoor Mango sapphire from HSO. Since then I havn't pulled over 20 percent returns or had anything as tasty.  But I've also been pressing not the best autos which generally pull a tad over 10 percent. This next indoor rd which is designed to top the rosin charts from last year will be mango sapp, chemdawg and sugar breath from HSO and I have very high hopes for this run.
    • Top Shotta
      Hi has anyone smoked or tried anything that taste/smells like bananas ?
      I have a :
      Royal Queen Seeds - Fat banana 
      Dank Genetics - Dank Bananas 
      To run in the future and wondering if anyone has tried either of these strains or perhaps some other banana weeds ? 

    • tokenroll
      Sweet Seeds - Black Jack - Sog Plant In Coco - Little Bud Sticks - 22/09/2020   This plant is in coco and around day 31 flower.  There is 6 of these in total.   Nutrients and additives being used. Intense Nutrients 60/40 Mix A/B @EC 1.4 / Intense Nutrients MagCal EC 0.2 so total EC 1.6   These will start to get Intense Nutrients WideLoad and Pkphite added to the feeding from today.