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  • Posts

    • Bushmat
      Have you ever used Boveda?    Are they any good for keeping the smell nice?  
    • thekingofobsolete
      aye i had that for running about on not always off road sometimes i rode it on the road   well tbh lots of times i`d pop over the other valley onnit if i needed a smoke like.   when i was younger i broke the law several times see,some mite say i was a bad boy idk.......but the best bit is i dont give a fuk.    im here for a good time not a long fuka.
    • coolfire
      Off road I take it? Raced Mx for few years too but TZ 250 and aprillia RS 250 race bikes for me
    • thekingofobsolete
      i ran my old race bikes on avgas........... methanol + a dash of NOS....    on a good day running a fat slick 4 tyre grips fited to rear wheel less slippage....... running it flat .........no air i`d clear a quater mile under 10......   best was 9.4 with NOS  ....