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    • Oafman
      Cannabis plants will start to flower regardless of what you’re feeding them, based on their light cycle (photosensitive plants) or age (autos). The type and amount of food you give them needs to support what they are already doing. A plant starts to flower and then you switch it to bloom feed, not the other way around.   What you need to add depends on what’s already in your soil, and how your plants are looking.   Did you fertilise the plot before you planted? Does the soil look composty (more dark brown/black than light brown)? If the soil is already very rich then you need to be a little careful giving them shitloads of food, because you risk overfeeding them.   Are your plants growing well? Do they look healthy? Are the leaves dark green all over, rather than yellow, or green with some yellow parts?   if you’re watering them every 1-2 weeks (which is regular enough, even during a drought) then I would just give them some bloom feed (assuming they’re already in flower) every time you water them.   The first time you do, start with 50% of recommended strength. Then go back a week or two later and see how they look. If they’re healthy and have responded well to the feeding then raise the dose.
    • vince noir rock n roll star
      fuck me sideways ..how did i go from getting me car washed to having a major conversation on the efficacy of the hpv vaccines now being targeted at teenage boys (hpv is a cerviacal cancer vaccination if you were unaware ) for genital warts of all things ..   the guy keeps repeating same spiel ..check with cdc ..(yeah mte i would but theyre corrupt ..and showed him ..check with the fda ..yeah mate i would but their corrupt ..check with the manufactuere ..seriously stop calling yourself a doctor you dick ..your not your a pharma sales rep ..so i showed him the studies into the deaths of teenage girls in the u.s caused by hpv vaccines ..oddly the cdc have a say in them too ..where they alter the last paragraph to ..othe factors may have been the cause of death ..ffs they were fit and healthy before the vaccine and theyve had nowt else and then have a vaccine and die ..id say that needs to be investigated before you go pushing a vaccine designed for one specific illness onto the opposite sex for something that really shouldnt even be an issue ) .. im not anti vaccination by a long shot ..but to blindly tell people you need this when probably they dont ..is plain irresponsible ..i didnt even go full blown conspiracy on him ..i stayed within the rules of google ..   fuck the internet is such a bad place these days .   finally got him to say ..parents who are worried should research for themselves as well ..thats all i wanted from him ..to ask the parents to question whether its needed for their child .
    • hetzman
      I'm relatively new to growing cannabis indoors with only a few, rather disappointing, attempts in the past. Attempting to improve the outcome on my own is not working out so well, so I am here to learn, and one day return the knowledge.