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    • Exhale
      This is what I plan on doing, contaminants are only a problem if you leave the stuff in the tumbler too long (from what I've read/seen online) just like breaking up the plant matter or working with it too much on the screens.   I've got a nice tumbler sized space in the workshop ready for when it gets chilly.  
    • Hippie on hill
      I think my LSV log actually runs cooler than a stock LSV as the element only glows briefly for a second on warm-up whereas the stock LSV element glows constantly, as I've put 2.5mm rubies in the heater cover, and put that in a cup which recycles some of the heat, aand used a temp controlled soldering iron controller whereas Elev8 only use a dimmer switch to contol the power in the LSV, SSV and DBV No combustion issues altho it does get quite close if I turn it up to 300C to stem fill for bigger cloudz and forget and use a stem with a top hat gauze instead 
    • LA LUNA
      Mine was a JDC thermostatic fan speed controller, they’re £135 on google and £150 on the bay but are solid and programmable, it has 5 voltages to chose a high, low and idle speed from to suit your needs, I’ve had mine for about 8 years and they’re ace ! Set your desired temp and it maintains it.
    • Personunknown
      In the Eq it goes very dark at 220c, oil dab vapes go a lot higher than flower ones