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    • Ned Flanders
      That's good news coz I already bought a bunch of those.    Its too difficult to photo.  Basically i keep a bunch of guitar and PA kit under the bed in the spare bedroom and my diddly dear wife never touches it.  I've made a space behind it all.    Hassle to get to but it'll work out ok.
    • Wacky Wardrobe
      Can you heat and dehumidify the room the tent is in or where the intake comes from? Is there adequate air intake? I had high humidity problems before I increased the amount of intake. A heat mat will help with temps where it really matters down in the roots. I also improved my temps by switching to top down ventilation.
    • blackpoolbouncer
      At an educated guess it sounds like salt build up perhaps
    • Maesteg Cannabis Club
      It certainly makes you think about the prices of seeds, and how some companies charge the prices they do. I want some regulars for next year, and subsequent years, I'd like to stop buying the expensive trendy seeds, and I'm not really bothered about high THC content, I just want good quality smoke at a very affordable price. I'll definitely be looking at KC more seriously.