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    • Smokebelch
      Its day 69 in my flower tent and they will be getting chopped sometime at the weekend.    The Sweet Deep Grapefruit still looks great at nearly 10 weeks and is my favourite plant in whole grow. As usual with Dinafem it is a very stable and vigorous strain and it’s been a pleasure to grow out.   I have taken a load of shots as this is the last time I will be photographing her before the chop.   Sweet Deep Grapefruit @ day 69                        
    • Jimboo
      I had a pee in  Loch Ness a few times does that mean they will get my DNA ? 
    • badbillybob
      I kinda thought the same, about this being a hot summer  Ive tried before up here, without any real success, but a mate grew out some plants in a polytunnel, which were frickin huge. They succumbed to rot tho, when the weather went pear shaped in august a couple of years back. Ive not tried autos tho, so hopefully they will fare a bit better,  I will give it another try, would really like to do a greenhouse adventure, but cant , due to ex-copper neighbour and nosey bastards. I might well be wasting my time, but if you don't try, you never know eh?
    • vince noir rock n roll star
      fuck yeah ..love some nessie news ..