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    • thekingofobsolete
      oooops btw i`m not to bothered either way ive got a few pips in the fridge like. ...       i just fancy a bit of your work see.   god bless us
    • thekingofobsolete
      oi i dont now fuk all about breeding / genes but ........i`m just about to kill my mrs dope plant + there mite be a spot free......give me a knod when ya ready like......... atb  captain beefheart.     i can grow dope indoors well i think i can.      btw.........   gis a job.    
    • marcjuna
      Any diaries been started yet? @panik
    • FunkyPlant
      I think I'm just gunna have to leave it till next year I got enough beans to have a good summer, I'll prepare even more for next year and have a multiple plots that are various distances away, this will enable me to have some fun/having a go at breeding!