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    • InTheSystem
      Dinafem Autoflowers at Day 33 from seed: Gorilla, Cookies, Haze 2.0, Blue Cheese and Moby Dick... Gorillas over a metre tall...

    • highway_017
      Where abouts in scotland are you? I could help if local.
    • highway_017
      Just read that bit about you pulling the indoors grow, police aren't really interested about some stoner growing a few plants for the most part, sure you may get the odd 'by the book' type fellow but it's not the nineties anymore, I honestly can't see anything coming of this and I think you may end up regretting ripping your plants, end of the day could be wrong and dirty harry could be inbound as we speak.
    • highway_017
      @Happyeccentric I think you may be letting yourself get a little paranoid, check on my grow diary I moved a 4ft tall male plant past 3 main roads few days ago, it's no hassle at all bud you are over-thinking
      it and getting yourself all worked up over what may well be turn out to be nothing, best to treat it like it's already legal imo, we aren't doing anything wrong and should act accordingly it's the legal system that is
      in the wrong on this one, don't let anyone tell you different.