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    • ison
      what a brilliant thread!   you should all be very chuffed with yourselves.
    • ison
      marvellous stuff, thank you very much indeed. i'm using active intake, so i've got to make some sort of cowl-like situation for the dehumidifier to spew forth the lower RH air. it's going to be reminiscent of the old H.M.V logo...     just out of interest, how accurate are you finding the aircomfort's humidity readings? at the moment it's constantly giving stats slightly higher than my temp/hygrometre thingy. mind, i suppose it safer to show higher RH than low and invite complacency.   thanks again mate for the info.  
    • The Sheriff of Nottingham
      Okay, so I've only just come across this thread tonight. I see a lot of the comments on the first and second page relate to myself, so I am going to answer them in a 100% honest Q&A session. No bullshit. Total honesty here...       Never got banged up mate, just to clarify. Had old bill on my case several times though in recent years.        I have never had old bill directly link me to a guerrilla grow. Had a few close calls, but never actually caught. They speculated that I may have been growing outdoors, but never had any direct evidence to pin on me. I can't remember whether or not I claimed that I had been outright busted for a guerrilla grow, but I haven't. Although back in the day, I was full of shit. I admit that myself. Immature and naive. To my knowledge, I don't think I have ever claimed to have been actually caught guerrilla growing. I did get busted drying a large amount of outdoor though, at my house. But I never did time for it...       I have grown all types - auto, FV/early and full photoperiod in cornfields. My second year growing in the cornfields, I showed one site, when I actually had 5 different cornfield sites spread across 2 different fields. For me, it's autos all the way in the cornfield, but FV/early's work as well. Full photoperiods are a big NO, NO! I say that purely from experience having 4 years of back to back cornfield growing under my belt.        Right, so no fucking around anymore. Complete honesty here. I never had the 12 bore stuck in my face as I claimed. That was BS. As I said, I am going to be completely honest here. But I did come out of a clearing, very close to my plot, to find myself next to a farmer/game warden with an un-cocked double barrel and two dogs. He immediately asked what I was up to and demanded an explanation. To my knowledge, I was on public land and tried to play it cool. But he was immediately suspicious of me, so I attempted to blag it. He did become hostile though so I just had to leave. Long story short, I think he went into the area I came out of and found some of my plants which he later reported to feds. Can't be 100% sure though. Either way, that plot in question got busted a week or two later. I just exaggerated the story behind it. As I said, no bullshit here anymore. I'm being honest with you guys.        Okay, so that picture was actually taken in August 2014. Back when I was 17 and in my first year growing. I think it was a shit year though, weather-wise, hence why the blackberries appear to be dying back. But you were on to me immediately Andro. I knew straight from the get go that there was no fooling you dude. You're switched on and know your shit, but then again it was amateur to the max from me...       I'm not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed of that accolade. If you ask me now... I would say that I am embarrassed of my previous statements and actions. Like I wish I went about it differently, and more honestly, regardless of whether it made the forums more entertaining. Primarily because I have grown up since then and want to be taken more seriously. Today, I am all about the growing and can't be arsed with the bullshit. Like genuinely.        In a nutshell mate. I can't deny any part of that statement, as you are completely right. I was fed up of getting ripped to bits, as you say, and with the constant abuse and private messages from Cumbrian Green. But I did also genuinely have some issues going on with old bill so was playing it carefully. That was the primary reason that I initially didn't plan on growing anything this year. But I got itchy fingers come April/May...       Well basically mate, I grew up. Nothing more, nothing less. When people were exposing and commenting towards that clown, they were actually replying to a naive 17 year old. But times change...       I was never operating incognito during my absence from the forums. This is genuinely my only account on here, honest to the ganja god. I actually didn't check into the forums, not even once, for about 8-9 months. Not until earlier this month actually when I felt that old bill were no longer on my case.        17 year olds tend to be naive, jumped up plonkers mate. Just saying...       Nah, I was offline for many months mate. I wasn't even checking in. This is actually the first time I have even come across this thread, today.        Spitting more facts there. Yet again that is a statement that cannot be argued with. I had to come back, at some point...         It wasn't an issue for me mate as I wasn't on the forums. I genuinely took a break from it all and wasn't even logging in, as I was having some personal issues and problems with old bill on my end. Nothing overly serious though. I mean I'm back now.        I've done a bit of finance and accountancy in recent years, but I've never had a real 'high profile' job. I'm still only 22yo. As for the ADHD, well... I think I may have some form of aspergers, on a serious note. But I have never been properly assessed or diagnosed, so I don't know. I seem to say a lot of shit that I can't control, and soon regret, as you guy's have seen first hand. It has landed me in trouble both on, and off, the forums. There are some other elements at play as well, which are obv makes me think that I may have some kind of aspergers or something, but I'm not going to go into detail...       I changed my name from English Archer to The Sheriff of Nottingham when my biggest plot to date got busted, quite early on in the season. I think the farmer that caught me (which I mentioned above) had his suspicions and checked the area before tipping off old bill. Although it may have been a helicopter flying over that saw the shiny, reflective cages and reported it (I stupidly used very shiny, reflective wire mesh which I will never use again). Either way, I lost about 30 plants that were 2-3 feet in height in mid June 2017 and went into full panic mode as a result, hence the name change. I have never put more than 5 plants in a single area since then due to that incident.         I am back... chopped a few bits yesterday as a matter of fact...      
    • sidders
      great 1st album...... fodderstompf