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Support forum for ControlLED

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    • MindSoup
      You can finish the auto under 12/12, not ideal but apparently if you can crank the PPFD you can make it work. Have a look and Build a Soils 3rd and 4th seasons, he does some 12/12 auto's in the 3rd and he's just about to do it again in the 4th. 
      already done mate, @Crow River @Shumroomthey started to flower with a scattering of pistils appearing but then havent got any further on. I think that just confirms, that these are photos and they stopped flowering once the light went back on 20/4, so they have effectively re-vegged - bushy little mo-foes   I dont mind that they are photos, just my time table will have to alter a wee bit.  unfortunately, I have an auto in there that I desperately need to finish,  I might pop 2 x T.B.L. fems in a glass tonight and then I will have 5 plus the pot noodle ready to flip once the G.Glue is finished about new 
    • latigid aikon
      You definitely wont get busted, how could you be growing when your seeds haven't arrived yet?   You may already have some seeds and be growing currently but there is no evidence of that so they'd be acting on a hunch. It's definitely not enough for a search warrant.
    • Ccs141
      How much did unpull from these man and how was the smoke