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Support forum for Seedstockers



  1. Seedstockers Strain Guide

    Support forum for Seedstockers


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    • blackpoolbouncer
      I grew potatoes in hay bales this year. Each row grew 8 foot wide, 6 foot high. There's so much biomass in a hay bales and it's the ideal c/n ratio. So much nutrition. Epic. I made about 30 tons of compost this year from hay alone.    It's compost waiting to be made.       If you've got any specific questions on anything permaculture I'm always happy to help 
    • Revive
      Gonna check that out but cat litter really does work in big trays too..  could get 8 of those nets in this tent i think  ut it would make access to everything pretty impossible..  so just got the 1 net in there to 1side and some strings the other for now.. thanks for throwing up the pics Dutch fox
    • silvester growdrobe
      @blackpoolbouncer I think Amnesia Haze was Soma. And Ace's Bangi Congo x Panama was for me a ten weeker with a real sat high. I only grew one, 'cos I'm pretty much a micro grower, but it matched the description perfectly and trust Ace enough to assume it wasn't an outlier. 
    • Revive
      Hey dude.. na the sticker would bring it on top for sure lol.. folk know its my lockup and there all powerless except mine now   I just grabbed a ram varispeed plug in like you just mentioned and added that about an hour ago.. no buzz to the plug what so ever which is weird as the website even states they buzz.. but its sweet..turned it down a bit and its much quieter, not gone but dampened by about 30/40% just got to see if it compromises the scrubbing somewhat.. tweeking right now but hopeful.. did think about throwing some thick dust sheets over the tent but id really need to completely cover it for that to work I think.. there are bitmaps around the metal door and frame so that don't help..got an up and over door on it you know the ones.. gonna check in a few hours once most folk are home from work and have parked there cars in there garages.. will check for smell and prob tweek the oil rad depending on the temps and rh.. turning the exhaust down may not remove enough moist air now but asi say ill run a few checks as the day and eve moves on.. just hoping its ok dude..its better for sure but was sitting pretty before the controller was added.. tad warm at 22c but an acceptable 56% R/H 20c and 45/50% R/H would suit me but we can have it all under these circumstances so ill do my best buddy  Thanks for the input EarLobe