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    • Mudz
      this is what u need
    • Ceiling Cat
      No, it isn't pleasant but serves its purpose when you've got nothing else.  Too many interruptions like property visits, electrical inspections etc have really fucked with my perpetual set-up.  I'll literally be bouncing off the walls if I've got nowt.
    • growinggold
      Just got back from this weekends stableford. And what a day for it we had everything sun, rain, snow and sleet. Certainly kept us on our toes, sirens was blaring but play commenced soon after this was when I managed to snap a pic. No weed for me today as no drives could be sorted plus jobs had to be done..   The day started very loose, very speith esk. Huge slice onto the 9th tee. Walked off with bogey with decent 3 iron save. Drove the ball pretty well all day after that and it was the putter today letting me down to start just couldn't get it to the hole.   We stood in the tee in the back ground, started  the snow started. As we got to green and putted up the siren had blarred. Play stopped. we decided to crack on in the snow.. my mate was in close 1 foot away. He missed. Eek.   Enjoyed it though. I'd rather drive well and putt like a dick, than never be in the hole.. finished on 28 and missed birdie putts on 17, 18. Walked off 18 with bogey, furious. rammed it past on a really slopey number.  Out in 11 back in 17. Weather was in hindsight testing and quite fun tbh. Warm, cold, warm.
    • Toad81
      Not tried it lol, I just use the free stuff,,,am sure its been done in the name of bro science,,though,,