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One Tree Horticulture

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Customer support forum for  One Tree Horticulture

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    • DMTAliens
      To make things short, I moved my tent to my loft but during the night its dipping to about 18 degrees and will be colder when winter comes. Running a radiator or fan heater all night / day would be over 200 quid a month electricity it looks like... 
      My tents only 60x60x120 so do you think a pipe heater would be any good? And if so, what sort...?   Cheers 
    • UnknownUsername
      I didnt get a reply or explanation, just a ‘return request accepted’. Now I have to send the thing back even though I would be doing them a favour by getting rid of it myself.
    • Grimweeder
      The thing about ratings systems is It’s Kinda subjective mate. If I think something is rated 10/10 then it’s a 10/10, for me.  By your logic there would never be any 10/10 reviews of any games or any thing else. Of course you can get 10/10 weed. 
    • Exhale
      Get in, been hearing rumblings but absolutely astounded to see us actually sign a quality player from Barcelona and not for chump change either! reported 28-30m    https://www.wolves.co.uk/news/first-team/20200923-semedo-completes-wolves-move/