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    • Sasquatch
      I am surprised and saddened to learn that not only has David Roback passed but he did so over a month ago without  me noticing. Perhaps that shouldn't be a surprise, since Mazzy Star were one of the very few bands to seriously avoid hype, PR and marketing - hardly any interviews, leaving a 13 year gap between albums.  His Paisley Underground 'dream pop' sound might not appeal to everyone, I found something irresistibly stoner-ish in it. Yuo don't get many 'cult' bands these days but Mazzy Star could have had the copyright on the term. He didn't write this one but it's a vast improvement on the unlistenable original, an ideal tune for getting going in the morning to. RIP David, and thanks.    
    • teehee
      OK, so the feedchart for the last grow.... grow 16, which is probably my most mental to date..... http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/topic/397876-teehees-back-on-the-autos-again/   You'll see no Bud Ignitor, no Amino Treatment and no late bloom boosters like Top Shooter.   The BA turned out to be a photo rather than an Auto, so there's extra rows for all of that, but you'll see what I'm giving of each ingredient for each feed. (This is not  a record of when I feed, it's what I feed).   Dropping Top Shooter allowed me to raise the A&B levels in flowering and still keep below EC 0.8 - 0.9.   If anything the Top Shooter was a hindrance, in terms of overall bud quality and bag appeal. Top Shooter resulted in foxtailing and varied strength end product. No Top Shooter, and I had lovely looking hard nugs all the same strength and maturity. For quality over quantity (and there's not much increase in final weight anyway), I'm very happy I stopped using Top Shooter, and so's my wallet!   I still use the other additives all at full strength.... Drip Clean, Multizyme, Roots Ecxel, Bud XL and Top Booster, plus AN Bud Candy.     Bud Ignitor is a waste of cash as well. It might come in handy if your at week 5 and there's not many flowering sites. I dropped it ages ago.     Yea, It allows you  to do a 3-4 day flush rather than 7+. All that extra flushing raises the humidity and you risk mould. I've smoked plenty of my own un-flushed gear and not noticed any difference to be honest, but I prefer to get some of the chemicals out.   Anyway, here's the chart, good luck!  
    • Egzoset
    • murzyn
      I've already got my supplies done I have a question, is Freezeland an indica in action ? I had an S6, so people said the action was more Sativa-oriented. S6 also has Freezeland genes in it. That's why I don't know what to think anymore. I'm still interested in how big Freezeland grows?