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    • Firstimegrower_420
      Well here i am with my legitimate pics   I ended up buying some ladybugs online as I thought ive spent fecking hundreds so whats another tenner if it helps fight any bugs and if not then at least I gave it a shot.    Well 2 days later my red Army arrived. 10 or 15 in total, I cant remember im a stoner but all wete alive and ready to kick ass   I put them in my tent and guess what they fecked off, I didnt have a clue where they were. Im sure some flew out past me as I opened the tent but then out of the blue I seen 1 and thought happy days 1 still here 3 days later, then it went away again.    Now I did say im shit at looking for bugs on my plants and I couldn't even see the red shells! Assuming they all went away on.furlough I git disheartened and cut my sticky traps in half and loaded the underside.    Well yesterday 1 reappeared, and I thought welcome back but stay away from all things yellow. Today I saw another back and then another and im thinking have they been off on some 3some in the leaves anyway I thought ill take a few pics and snapped away.    Ive no got any names for them yet as they just look the same and not sure how long they're back for but ita nice to see them crawling about the leaves     
    • schmoak
      Halloween RnR Reggae    
    • stu sleeper 20vt
      He has a gofundme... Dunno if im allowed to post it here but every little helps... He should use it on a boat i agree!!!
    • Jack010
      Grew critical sour last season 2019 in two plots, bad year as it rained all of September and October and all plants were riddled with mould, pitty cos the structure and bud size was great   Green poison fv Ive grow 3 years, twice in a plot on top of a mountain, nice and open all day sun , both times plants blew on floor cos of my shit attempt of tying up and lost loads to rot, both times even the plants that did stay up right rotted. Only grow it cos I like the smoke, got more for next year in my stash   Iv chosen a good few strains based on the good results of others and most have rotted    We all live in different areas with different climates    I hate the weather where I live, wet all year round and humid as fuck in august and September which causes mould on early flower strains and Late flower    Cindy gnome 99 from gnome seeds two years in a row had tiny amount of mould    Grzech grow seeds outdoor mix , all strains where solid but about 2-3 feet small due to fire and I don’t know what strains was in the mix , could have been good due to being small tho   Same plot as the grzech was dp Frisian dew, also small from fire damage but great against mould , again could be due to staying small   Im buying some of the cindy gnome 99, serious 6 and Kabul express as the Kabul stayed mould free for a few people in shit wet weather, hoping it works for me