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    • anarchycamp
      You'll be wanting to spend double that on a variac mate, the cheaper you go the worse they are.  I think you can run a 5" rvk on a wac1 controller(bathroom extraction controller) but they might be rocking horse to find as there are newer models. Pretty sure that's what you want, use the search function on here for Wac1 
    • OneMorePuff
      Thanks all.  Am I gonna get that tight draw on the mighty though?  Bear in mind when I draw on the dynavap I actually cover the intake holes completely, then only release the airhole at the end of the draw, or kind of 'feather' it to just make sure I've cleared the tube, then I take it back to my lungs.   I don't see that approach working with the any of the mighty rang though - reviews have said it has quite an open draw?
    • Jonquilista420
      I am losing my mind trying to learn about variac transformer controller, but more than that, trying to find a reasonably priced one! I've seen old posts of people finding them for 30-40 quid but I can't fidn anything like that. Please please help it's putting me off getting started
    • PlinkyPlonky
      Looking for advice on how to intake air to a 10x6 grow room.   There are two 530w leds and an a/c infinity T6 running in the room.   Since I ran the second led,the room is running too hot,85/87f in flower.I currently have the room door open but that's not ideal.   The only intake at the moment is the jam/cracks around the door frame.This isn't enough in terms of temps or CO2 I'm guessing ?   The only solution is cutting a passive vent/an active fan in the door or putting an a/c in the room ? (Both of those aren't a great option for me)   Thanks for any help