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Dinafem X Intense Nutrients Grow Off

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    • Sargares
      Emerald mountain was going to get block chain novelties to sell me em on the cheap but it was going to be a faff and I saw em on asterion seedbank on a black friday deal. Easy payment and the seeds literally arrived the next day. Royal limez is 100% the one to grab for something exotic. Cheap too considering its a blend of royal kush, black lime reserve and OZK (zkittlez is a mislable but ozk is better anyway).    Yeh I'm mostly looking forward to the space monkey actually. Seems to be making its way up there with ssdd and goji OG in the bodhi Hall of fame. 
    • JJJ
      This thread rapidly declined into filth... Love it...
    • GB12345
      Good old crit +! I'm running that as we speak! But the BSB Version, how's it's going so far got any pics? 
    • BarrySHitPeas
      Although i agree tolerance has a lot to do with it , I personally find Indica's dom's have never made me  racy at all. but we are all different. sleepy and de-motivated yes. To me it sounds counter intuitive to go for a CBD Sativa, one just cancels out the other.......thats my experience anyway   Ive done a fair few CBD auto's, in the past but i wouldn't likely do them again, the risk reward of it just doesn't make sense ! given you can buy CBD ISOLATE Legally online in this country. If you get caught growing they aren't going to care if its 2:1 CBD strain or 30 % THC strain. So it makes sense to just grow the THC based strains and buy the legal CBD  IMO.   Basically its how stable the strain is (plants will more likely be similar) Unfortunately, for the above same reason  your not going to get any definite with any autos  as they aren't clones, So any mention on any breeder site is only a estimate , Given the many phenotype's that will appear growing from seed, it would be whats the word.....naughty or misleading to give a Cannabinoid profile as likely wouldn't be accurate due to different  phenotype expressions. i find Mephisto write ups to be the most accurate. Strain figures and info: Size - 40 to 60cm
      Structure - Bushy, short & squat
      Indica/Sativa - 100/0
      Cycle Time - 60 to 65 days from sprout
      Yield - 60 to 90 grams
      Aroma & Flavour - Sour coffee to fruity with hints of bubblegum
      Effect - Narcotic, couchlock
      Medicinal Benefits - Insomnia, appetite stimulation
      Cannabinoids - TBA
      Extract information - Dense, sticky buds with trim that is well worth utilising