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    • thekingofobsolete
      imo ewe aint left it dry long enough properly,try leaving it 2 more weeks next time and stop messing with it,just hang it in a bud drying net / rack.......+ leave it be for 3 weeks but do toss it about / poke it with a stick daily,but dont be to ruff,then your dope will come good,in the dark at about 20 degrees is good.     then be prepared to dribble after a bowlful     if it smells of hay its not dry properly.
    • Hairy ape
      Well I trimmed a bit a few days ago and dried quickly. Here's the trial smoke.  Rolled n ready, see you in the weekend......    
    • Nature
      @Bushmat   Never personally had or seen a need to use them. You can lower and maintain moisture yourself without them. The buds should be stinking/smelly without Boveda if you dried and cured them properly.   They might be good for keeping your flowers fresh in the long term, if you plan to store them for a long time. Or if you over dried.
    • Bushmat
      Have you ever used Boveda?    Are they any good for keeping the smell nice?