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Support forum for  Alfemco available exclusively from the  UK420 Seed Shop

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    • Leafneck
      I think the 3 x 440w would give a more even distribution across the whole canopy, plus I like the idea of swapping the hps lights out 1 by 1.    Could I just get a price guide and the dimensions of the 440 please mate?    I think I'll come across the rest of my awnsers reading through this section on the forum. Thanks for your time and I'll be sure to check weekly as to when youre back trading   
    • diyleduk
      You can use 2 of the 550s. We do sell single 150w 4 ft bars too so you can just add another one of them in the middle to up the wattage.   The reason id go for the 440s is its easier to replace each 600w hps with a single unit, over time.   There are both the same lights with the same output so either one is going to do the same job. You may have to flip a coin on this one.  
    • Leafneck
      I did get the idea of swapping the 3 hps, for 2 x 550w v2 over each tray of my Wilma? What do you think to that idea?    But then again, what you've suggested gives better coverage, plus 1300w in the room surely would beat the 1800w I'm currently growing with currently. 
    • Leafneck
      A 440 v2 sounds epic, I'll continue to work my way through this section of the forum.. I've been lerking at diaries all night     What would the price be for the 440 v2 Adam?  I'm happy to start putting money to the side so when your back open I've got enough for 1, maybe 2.    What is the size of the 440?    @diyleduk sorry for all the noob questions, I bet you get it daily