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Support forum for  Alfemco available exclusively from the  UK420 Seed Shop

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    • Clean Green
      That makes perfect sense. It’s great to see you and others going slug pellet free too.  I was just talking generally about them in my previous post - not meaning about you own plots. I’ve stuck to my tried and tested method now for the last few years - bean tins with both ends removed with a layer of salt and petroleum jelly  around the outer top Half. A lot of tins have grooves in these days too which helps hold the paste on. Never had a problem with slugs since doing these. I’ve not tried copper tape before but heard it works well.  Wool pellets worked quite well for me a few seasons back.  For the aphids, thrips and caterpillars, try taking a bird feeder to your plot, chances are, the little song birds will de pest your plants whilst waiting for their turn on the feeder. It’s amazing how fast a few sparrows can clear aphids from plants. 
    • unity
      @dazed&confused...o man that is some awesum looking hash...now i gonna go smoke some need to after drooling at that lump 
    • Freddy_Freekowtski
      4" in a 60x60x170 tent here
    • _Jamie_
      Get yourself a nice green qube tent