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Female Seeds 2019 Indoor Grow Diaries

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      Yes that is the most basic SMS hybrid you can get but it can be found for £250. Twin controllers are about £80 but these still hum a little. I have run both on my hybrid - two fans and just extraction. It kicks arse in both formats. Follow Amnesias advice not that other fellows.
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    • hilbilly hifi
      Definitely worth a watch, 70 episodes per season is slightly intimidating but it's so addictive I ended up flying through it  taking a little sabbatical before starting season 2, must brush my teeth, change my clothes and ready myself for the rampaging Mongols!!
    • QFMAC
      Thanks for your advice mate, it's appreciated.   I thought the "SMSCom Hybrid Pro Fan Speed Controller Mk2 4A" was just for one fan? Its this one I was looking at https://www.onestopgrowshop.co.uk/products/smscom-4-amp-hybrid-single-fan-speed-temp-controller   It's not the duel function one, or am I wrong?   If its not right, and I do need a Variac, is that a plug and play type thing? And does it cause humming or anything?   Also what would be the best way to light proof the passive air intakes, while allowing them to function correctly, without blocking them off? I'm asking because if I 100% block the light, that means covering the vents. Not sure if I can have a totally blacked out room to avoid doing that lol. Thanks again.