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Humboldt Seed Organisations 2019-2020 Grow Diaries

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    • badbillybob
      good idea.  Im another higher latitude grower (Scotland,, lat 57), so I feel your pain. I hope your grow goes smoothly mate, and your harvest is bountiful
    • badbillybob
      Hello southerners, you lucky low latitude gits !! Ive been trying to grow weed outdoors up here for years, with very little success (40 grams last year, from 2 survivors, zero point zero grams for the previous years). Even the drug report my brief commissioned in my defence a few years back  stated that "growing cannabis outdoors in Scotland is a futile exercise" Hes an expert too you know lol.   Anyway, not one for listening to anybody, ive decided to have another bash Late last year I went out and just about gave myself a hearty by digging dozens of holes all over the countryside.  And since then I had great plans to go and stick some horse dung in the holes to condition the ground etc etc, but ended up sitting on ma hoop smoking meself stupid(er). But today, with renewed stupidity,  er, entheusiasm, I went and bought the supplies. here have a lookie The john innes is for starting them off, the verse swerve is for going in the holes ive dug, well some of them, im gonna need more. Ive about 600litres which I will mix with prlite, blood fish and bone and a small handful of chicken shit, and some phospherous and lime. That's gonna have to do them cos that's all that's in the shed of doom.      seeds will be a mixture of autos (dinafem white widow and moby dicks) zenetics green crack and Cinderella jocks and non autos - (what optimism eh) will be HSO choco mint og and sour diesel. Ive never managed to harvest a photo strain yet, they ALWAYS rot mid September October time, but im a blind optimist. They do get big tho, before rotting before they are ready, the b*stards.   Stay tuned for more outdoor hi jinx in a few weeks when a sink the seeds and hope for some success.   Ive only got 40 grams to beat, so if I throw enough out there, it might happen, if theres a summer and autumn heatwave.   wish me luck, cos im gonna need it. IM  also gonna be throwing in all the seeds in my stash like freebies etc, ive a fair few
    • Cainedbutable
    • 420win
      Yes thank you, very informative mate. Appreciate the response, will definitely be following what you said.