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Intense Nutrients

Support forum for the Intense Nutrients range


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    • Arthur Mix
      please get a fan and filter as soon as you can , they will be smelling in flower .. The round shiny spots I not sure , but have you checked underside of leaves between the veins , this is where most pests hide out ....
    • HSO-Mark
      @Mr blue That's one super crystally looking auto my friend    Fun times ahead when the scissors come out   What day is this on mate?   Kind regards    Mark..
    • beezee
      Right then, I made it out to my valley plot yesterday.  I wasn't sure if I was going to find any plants there as I'd seen workmen making a trail from a road the other side to where I get in... Thankfully, not only where all my plants there with no sign of intruders, but they were all massive majority being over 7ft!    It looks like they're either in stretch now or just started flowering... Perfect timing. I went round all the plants taking off all the dead leaves and I also removed all the big fans from the main stems. This was so much easier without the lst that I usually do!    So, my main comp plants are Critical Cheese. I didn't realise until after I'd taken the pics, but 2 of them look a couple of weeks into flower. I thought they where dfg so I haven't got pics of them.    Next up is Gorilla, the lone survivor. She was looking a bit spindly last visit, but she seems to have filled out a bit more now with a decent amount of side branching and just dropping into flower, she may even finish if I'm lucky   Now we have Quick Critical+, these have done really well! They're a decent height at about 6.5ft, but their also really wide. For a late plant out their exceptional, I just hope the characteristic thin branches don't snap in high winds when they're got some weight on them.    Wait there's more...    Purps #1, the smaller 2 have nearly caught up with the big one now! Not only do these things have big fat leaves, but the branches are solid too If the mould stays away, I can see these things producing a serious amount of bud   Lastly is PMD - Purple Moby Dick, there's a much more open structure to these, I think they'll do better when the rot strikes. Again they have giant leaves and they're also very wide, I should've given them more space really, but as it goes I'll just take all the lower branches off next visit so air can flow underneath better, probably do the same with most plants.    Phew, that's all the dinafem gear sorted! Won't be as long until my next visit here
    • Buckfacked
      An android box? Adblock Plus on it, look for it on F-Droid site as Google play banned it as ithurts their revenue, will bin the ads as long as your box is rooted.