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Fleur du Mal Seeds

Support forum for Fleur du Mal Seeds


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    • Jimmeh
      It might be pure coincidence, but my two auto grows were both really short (but stocky, not a bad yield) - the common denominator was 24/7 led light - a 240w at the wall blurple.    Like I said, I only have two grows under my belt, but that's the only thing that was consistent across both grows. Best of luck however you go about it! 
    • moon grower
      OK mate I'll push it up to 2ml per litre. I use them because I got my best results a few years ago using them so it's hard not to use it now days
    • Gman8mfl
      No burning at all lovely dark green colour although the top leaves are a bit paler but still nice and green 3 of the plants (wedding cake) are at least 1m while one is half the size of the rest (shark attack) I keep it on a stand so it's the same height as the others, I'm still new to the site and don't know how to upload pictures or resize them to upload even, I couldn't get daily feeds right always over feeding wilting and swelled leaves , so I started waiting till the pots were light there taking 2l every 2 days now the second day the coco is still moist, my friend who told me the basics and helped me set up is a bit jealous tbf he's been doing it 5 years and mine are looking loads better beginner's luck I guess 
    • monkeypig
      Join as a subbie for £20 and you get to pick some free seeds.