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Fleur du Mal Seeds

Support forum for Fleur du Mal Seeds


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    • thickstalks
      auto affie is iranian short season....greenthumb got the clone and made si's theb lied about the lineage...greenthumb is scum
    • panik
      The Goat tastes ok mate,..       Everyone's got a story to tell,..
              This old lady makes hash way up in the mountains I bought some seeds from her,..         Spider in the bog was going for my finger.       Here's a chicken for you ,..there was a sack of them on the bus, this one escaped and did a runner so the guy popped it's neck,at least it tried though ,gotta love a tryer.         Rockslide blocking the road.       I have been buying whole plants from different farmers,they dry them, then I go back a few days later and they beat the plants with sticks over a Tarp to collect the seeds Been collecting seeds with a few different farmers for 4-5 days , theres 10-16ft sativa monsters here mate with some really nice terpene profiles,.. im getting sweet grapefruit and funky lime,..I got batches from 3 different valleys so far ,I am off to east Nepal next spk soon,..
    • HSO-Mark
      Sounds like a plan my friend    You've done the best thing by nuking the room and starting over again. Best to be rid of the pests once and for all   As this competition is ending at the end of the year I don't think you'll have enough time to flower these girls out. But, I will keep the thread open so you can update as I would like to see you get something from this adventure    Keep us posted mate   Kind regards    Mark..
    • HSO-Mark
      I love both of them comments mate   So glad you are liking the end product and nice to read that your willing to sacrifice a little yield for a better end product    The sign of a true connoisseur    Kind regards    Mark..