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Fleur du Mal Seeds

Support forum for Fleur du Mal Seeds

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    • Key
      I had plenty of tiddlers com in about this time. but the "better" plants were a good few weeks later.   I did a dairy last year, have a look in that for accurate times.
    • beezee
      As long as your using organic nutes, it shouldn't be a problem mate. Comfrey tea works a treat right up to chop day
    • Bhang Buddie
      Tomorrow is the anniversary of this ad, placed in the Times on the 24th July, 1967      Since beyond and before this we find that tokers are still here and still toking, so next time (if) you vote just remember which politicians, their friends & their relly's (you know who they are  ) it is who make loadsa money from keeping it illegal in this day and age
    • AKPOG
      Looks like Thrip damage to me.    Have you checked for bugs/mites? Thrips are little brown fuckers who are quite fast, so as you turn the leaf they'll try and run back to the underside.   Good luck!