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Humboldt Seed Organisations "Exclusive" Test Diaries


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    • blackpoolbouncer
      I didn't mean like that but if it works @H + H2O  I just have them down the sides bowing out
    • twigs
      depends how bad it all is i guess, if its not to bad the bud will be fine apart from some little skeletons and poo   hoover the feckers up every day in the room, go over the leaves and buds, go around the walls etc    when drying hoover buds first week because they still do their thing when the plants down.. munch munch little feckers!   put hoover on a low setting over buds (not to low) dont want those disappearing too..    
    • tokenroll
      @diyled uk is anyone you know off running them yet?. Toke...
    • Pau176
      Thanks mate. My seeds still ain’t popped after 24 hours. The temp in my boiler room is high 20’s and the paper towels are nice, warm & moist. I’m hoping the little beans crack overnight.   You better you get used to that picture because Wolves are on the up big time ;-)