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Humboldt Seed Organisations "Exclusive" Test Diaries


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    • tokenroll
      Looking good Mr Arthur, like the new clone tent seems similar to what im using for a little drying tent now. Looking forward to seeing the end result of this round of plants and training. Toke...
    • Jammo85
      I think I’m going to stop cutting buds    getting to some much damper buds now that I’m in the plants more. really damp when you squash them.    Ive cut the plants up a lot more to air better tonight, the remaining 3 plants I’ve cut and opened into 10/12 parts so they dry quicker   might have to pull this stuff back out of jars and air it thinking of it, didn’t really notice until to late and i deffo put some of the moist stuff in jars    im sure it’s 13 days drying today.    Ive had to stop now because my back pain is horrendous  took me 4 hours to do 2 plants and my plants aren’t big, in fact I didn’t finish the 2nd plant. What the !!! 
    • zug
      Haha. No master here.... I'm still learning from the real masters 
    • ratdog
      That's against the rules for security reasons mate   use Irfanview