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Humboldt Seed Organisations "Exclusive" Test Diaries


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    • joba
      for sake of the AC i would go 4x600 w in lighting instead
    • Ned Flanders
      Howdy doodles dudes, So how does this thing work?    Is this just for the seedbank called Real Gorrilla Seeds?    Is this competition sponsored?    What's the deal?    Thanky doodles. 
    • Budelaire
      Thanks mate that's about 8 years old that picture, it was my smellyberry seed run.   Just an easy bend mate, Low Stress.  some time I use a tie wrap on the pot, one around the plant fairly loose, and then a third to complete the chain,  by slowing tightening them it reduces chance of a break.   Its best to get them before they get to old, I'v snapped loads of stems manhandling over vegged plants under nets and they all come good as long as you let them heal up 1st before flip.  
    • jok3r
      im just setting it up as we talk but it looks pretty good.Xbox Game Pass for PC .1 pound thats it.i think it will go up to 2 pound later.but for a quid to test and try out not bad.looked on youtube and it seems pretty cool.so xbox on on my pc here i come.some 1 said you can play people on there xbox.not to sure if thats true tho .any one else done this ?  .  im download car game at moment forza .   https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-game-pass/pc-games