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    • Michael Luchóg
      Looking like she's gonna fly now .Fingers crossed for you .
    • Saddam
      The first clip is a fan made promo montage.   The second clip is the ending of BTTF3.    No BTTF4 has been confirmed.    1.21 gigawatts? It can't be done
    • gopedsport
      i have the phonic trap ducting best thing i ever bought no smooshing sound at all trust me buy it, and i  have just upgarded to the ec revolution 8 inch , my osciating fans are louder      
    • Saddam
      How is building these platforms any different or more environmentally damaging compared with say, car companies producing over a billion vehicles in the last 100 years?      Betz law has no relevance in this case, the turbine would be removed and the Oyster would be fitted with a simple non-return valve. All it has to do is continuously pump water one way, through a changeable filter.          I disagree, it may be impractical if your justification for the project is purely based on cost but this would be an investment for humanity's future. Feasibility would need proper assessment and perhaps a trial run with 100 Oysters. These Oysters are transportable and bolt onto the seabed, and are pretty much submerged, yes?  Do you know if they can be moved fairly easily?      I looked at tidal but thought the sites would be too large and ugly for governments to warm to the idea.