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Real Gorilla Strain Guide


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    • Rick Grimes
      I’ve recently switched over to coco from soil for my current grow. I’ve been using the @Intense Nutrients coco A+B as my main feed which seems to be working well. Along side I’ve been using canna Rhizotonic as a root stim. I haven’t got much of the Rhizotonic left so was looking at getting the Intense Nutrients equivalent but I’m seeing two products called kickstart and foundation on the website which both sound similar. Can you explain the diffence between the two and which is the sort of Rhizotonic equivalent? thanks
    • Alanso
    • BigM
      What site did you purchase it from?
    • BigM
      Hey you awesome people.   Just started my first grow.  Organic with biobizz.  Growing auto flowers. My water is soft with a ppm of 55. I'm only two weeks into the grow and everything is fine so far. But, as my water is soft I'm anticipating cal mag issues.  I know that this might not happen but I just want to be prepared.   My medium is biobizz light mix and I'm in 15l fabric pots.  How do I add dolomite lime if needed and in what quantity should I add it?   Cheers!