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Real Gorilla Strain Guide


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    • blackpoolbouncer
      Agreed but I dare say that sometimes we are too fussy about each particular plants needs.      That's ten plants from seed all fed on the same nutrients from one res and is how all my grows are fed. Just grow and bloom by the way. Nothing else   I only change to a two res system if I'm gonna be growing 12+ weekers, they go on a different line to make flushing easier as I don't do any handwatering in the flower tent. The only problem I forsee other than using that pot being an absolute shite idea is if you've got different finishing times.   What I will say is your making headache for yourself. Spend a couple of quid and but some proper pots 
    • Ranec
      The signs were there, imo it kinda started when she burned the Tully's after the battle outside Kings Landing, but this season it was underplayed, mostly just cold glances when in mixed company that hinted at the slow withdrawal into paranoia and megalomania.   As much as I've be been equally delighted and disappointed by this last season I'm actually quite looking forward to sitting down at some point and watching it all again in one go 
    • Lancaster8
      Well that is because I don't want a visit from Plod!  
    • Larry Badgeley
      Watching Killing Eve. Jeez is Jodie Comer scary and incredibly gorgeous?