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Real Gorilla Strain Guide


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    • Pau176
      If you’ve got one of those TT fans you’ll prob have to replace it because they’re shit!   My TT fan was noisy and wasn’t powerful enough. Temps were crazy. Then it started rattling and making a ridiculous amount of noise.   The first lesson I learnt, buy good quality fans. RVK fans are good to go and you can pick used ones up from ebay.   Regarding your intake, you want that running lower than your extraction.   You want your tent walls to be sucked in from the extraction.
    • Cherry
      I'm just here to get my post count up. Budbox do 2.2 versions of their tents     
    • Milkymilky
      Thanks guys that's really helpful! I think in regards to the fans then I shall just keep them going at a constant then too:) It does feel like a guessing game at times so really appreciate the input!   I think then also with the nutrients i'll do the half amount thing to start with and see how they react as the days go by etc...   I only have fairly cheap fans for intake and extraction, swift air I think the make is? both 6 inch Thanks again guys that's great    
    • The Sheriff of Nottingham
      Yeah, I am focusing on my daughter and not smoking at all right now. I haven't blazed anything for 8 days now, since she left. But I'm not ditching my outdoor grow because of my fucking mrs walking out on me. I've just got to work around it. At least until the bitch comes back. And she will come back. I know what she is like.   Guarantee she will knock on my door in a few weeks, put on the waterworks and say she had a midlife crises or some sort of shit. When her friend grassed to me about her doing coke on a night out when she was 2 months pregnant, she did the same thing... burst into tears, had a right episode in the doorway, tried to garner sympathy, said she was sorry and blamed the people she was with, more over the top crying. Except this time I doubt I will forgive her.