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    • MyDisplayName2000
      Humidity in the UK has been very high of late. Even drying indoors I needed to put an extra heater on for a few days just to bring down the humidity so I can begin to store. I've measured humidity creeping up to 60 indoors with outdoors going up beyond 70 for a good week or so. Usually I'd see plants dried in 10 days but double that this time and extra days with a heater on to purge that humidity.   Not outdoors here but if I was I'd never take a chance drying outside. Mould kicks in very fast outdoors, even indoors 24 hr could make all the difference. For many, its their med supply so I'd harvest, throw away the non useful leaf, get rid of the branches and as said, freeze it if you cannot dry it all out at once.   I would love to grow outdoors but disabled so could not manage unless I won the lottery and got some all terrain wheelchair/mobility scooter.   Way back, I grew a plants outdoors in garden, all imported bag seed, a lot must have been Sativa as come September there was pre-flowers.   I knew someone who grew in a flat window. Green curtains disguised it. That flowered but the top buds were like lower bud. Now we know how to grow better and outdoor crops are becoming more and more popular. We are already the biggest exporter of cannabis in the world. Imagine if it was legal? British Bud would take over the world ;-)   Outdoors I could grow enough bud to make hash. Indoors, I get a fair bit of hash and save it for trips away. I will never bring bud. Its too in-yer-face to smoke outdoors. I only smoke it indoors.   Anyways, good luck with the project.
      I don't religious burp mine once stored but do here and there if not smoking from that jar ..normally just give erm the smell test just to make sure all good
    • Dodgee
      The world breaks everybody.    And afterwards some people are stronger in the places that broke.   ~Ernest Hemingway
    • Poisonata
      Perfect, thanks for this. So I'll still adopt the burping process and the packs can just keep a handle on the moisture level. Love this forum.....thank you again.