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RGSC Random picture Thread

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    • diyleduk
      If its just to get things going then the 70w quantum board will work if you have a bit of height.     Ive just seen that one, ill sort it tomorrow for you. Should be with you early next week. 
    • Hone Heke
      A photo might help.
    • Rick Grimes
      Tremendous roots @Seasick Steve on that Gorilla breath brother. Mine were the same. Let’s hope big roots make us some big fruits.
    • Maisy
      Evening all,I'm going to try and fit my light,fan and the other bits at the weekend but the trouble is I don't know how to put it together. There is a hole on the top,another at the back and one on the left hand side at the bottom. Apparently the fan goes on the outside of the tent. Can someone help me please.