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RGSC Random picture Thread

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    • Peregrine
      Save yourself time and money and forget the Orca grow film; you are running LED’s.   MH/HPS lamps throw off light over 360 degrees resulting in light loss vertically and horizontally. Some of this light can be reflected back with the use of Mylar coated surfaces or...Orca grow film.  Not the case with LED’s which throw light straight at your canopy at an angle of 120 degrees. There is no loss vertically or to the sides so there’s no light to be reflected back.   Plenty of discussion on this subject if you do some trawling; this article provides some useful info... https://www.ledjournal.com/main/blogs/400w-led-grow-light-can-replace-a-1000w-hps-true-or-false/   I’m no lighting expert but have just ordered some diyleduk gear and have been doing some reading    
    • bigbadbudboi
      Nearly all jarred up now, had wet weather for a week so the last stuff i chopped is still hanging and getting a nice slow cure, the Oldtimes F2 smells divine     Chocolatey Blueberries!!  Not sampled the Huboldt or Sleestak yet but the others are all real tastey smokes and iv been enjoying sampling them all after smoking mainly 6 strains for the past year. Getting bored of smoking the same pots for a year is the biggest drawback to guerilla growing for me, iv got a big jar of each of last years strains left so will have a bit more variety this year and will probably do a few early autos next year for some fresh flavours!   I didn't have time for a diary this year and i still need to do smoke reports on last years strains to finish last years diary  but i thought id stick a few pics and a bit of info on the plants from this year in this thread, will get some dry bud shots up once they've cured a bit, hope your all enjoying the fruits of your labour!   Ok first to finish and an absolute all round belter of a plant was this Lot 5 Evolution from the breeder who has produced all my favourite smokes to date, oldtimer. Great yield, great flavour and super clear motivational high, breeze to trim, its got the lot for me! Super healthy plant, a bit hungry, responded well to topping and training although by the end the buds were really starting to bend the branches over. I don't think they would have stood up well to the rain so got chopped a little early but at around 8 weeks i think was ready enough and is certainly giving me the kind of high i like in the day, no need for coffee with this stuff! Smell while growing is like lemon lime and something else, quite a low odour plant, nice refreshing taste, needs a bit more curing but could smoke it all day as it is. Left a few bits on to go purple and it went real pretty, here be some photo's...  
    • Muppet
      Yeah forget Algamic, just get a bottle of seaweed extract at half the price!   Prefer BB of the two, but there's not much in it!
    • The Red King
      that looks really cool, fresh frozen bubble is my favourite smoke so I can only imagine what that rosin is like