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RGSC Random picture Thread

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    • Teeth
      I've avoided CBD strains up to now but this is very interesting - I have major sleep problems even when I do have weed - the next time I'm cracking pips think I might follow Neza and Botanics recommendation.  Apart from the better sleep, does the CBD strains still get you wrecked though?
    • Jibba jabba
      Some serious development in n the last few weeks,   Looks like it is going to yield very well indeed,   Great show so far mate   Take it easy, Jj
    • tsk
      The big monkey man, thanks for the pro evaluation. Ten days to a fortnight?! Shit the bed, I thought a month or something. Wow, that's... Fantastic yet inconvenient. Fuck, I'm gonna need more drying space!   cheers pan man...         Fuck, I thought you did them last year! That was someone else then. Sorry Beezee, yet you still replied, like a gent...       Not much to do with me Tommy, but I agree. Good job panik and crew and well done the sun and earth and wind and all that (not the rain so much)   Thanks y'all...  
    • The lone stoner
      heavily inspired by DJ Yoda I'd say